Each registered Club member may now upload a report. But please only do this for genuine Club matters, not for your pet hobbies!

When you wish to add your page, log-on as a Member and click on the top line for 'Members Area'. Under this look for 'Pages you've written + add a page'. Click on it.

There is tab to 'Add a new page'. Click on it.

In the fields you must add  a Title and chose a committee section in Under Page (if best, use General). Note that some items have (MO) against them. This means they are for Members Only. But your page will be MO from the start. The Club Admins will get a notice telling them of the addition and they can make it Public.

Also it is necessay to add some Brief Details.  

If you wish add a picture that you have on your computer, you need to send it to one of the webmasters.

It is up to you whether you wish to permit comments to come back to you. The system allows folk to e-mail you without revealing your e-mail address and is very useful if you wish to gain attendance to something.

Next, it is a good idea to check what all the icons do. If you move your mouse pointer over them slowly, you be able to read the description.

To add your text, click in the white space beneath the icons You have two choices:

1. If you have prepared some text it can be adde by using CTRL+C for Copy and CTRL+V for Paste.

If your text was prepared using Microsoft Word or similar, it is best to paste it into Notepad first, then copy/paste it from there, as this will remove unnecessary code added by Microsoft! 


2. You can type directly on the page. The icons on the second line let you format your text. If you used Method 1, you can also use the format icons if you wish.

Finally, click on the button below the white space to post your page on the website.

If you have some second thoughts or a later revisionyou can click once more on the 'Pages you've written + add a page' menu choice. This will give a list of pages you have written and against each of them are tow icons. Hover over them and pick the one for 'Update'. that lets you revise your page.


Contributed by David Mowbray, RC Cheltenham