Some examples of risk assessments tried and tested by clubs for a range of activities

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Date added Event      Date added Event
14/05/2012 Old Folks Christmas Lunch    14/05/2012 Christmas Party for Special Needs Pupils
14/05/2012 School Football Training   14/05/2012 Kids Out
14/05/2012 Visit to Adventure Centre   14/05/2012 Family Fun Fair Day
14/05/2012 Maidenhead Carnival   14/05/2012 Walking Event at Henley
14/05/2012 Vintage Vehicle Rally   14/05/2012 Horse and Cycle Fun Ride
14/05/2012 Coconut Show   14/05/2012 Car Boot Sales
14/05/2012 Stroke Awareness Day   14/05/2012 Manning Car Parks
14/05/2012 Street Collections   14/05/2012 Float & Street Collections
14/05/2012 Crocus Planting   14/05/2012 GSE visit to Maidenhead

Does YOUR club have an example to share?