Youth Speaks Competition 2017-2018 - Results

Youth Speaks results plus those of the D1100 Young Writer and Young Photographer competiti...more

Young Chef Competition 2018 Results

The results of the District Final of this Rotary competition...more

Nepal Earthquake 25th April, 2015

Following the devastating earthquake in late April 2015, D1100 Clubs swung into action, wi...more

District Handover

Time and Venue - tba...more

Sports Facilities at the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town

Bristol Breakfast International Project report...more

Vocational Training Team (VTT)

HOPe Restaurant opened on 3 October 2016

The Vocational Training Team project to Bulgaria that was started in 2014 - 15 and approve...more

Pull Ups

D1100 has the following Pull Ups that are available for Clubs to borrow,subject to availab...more

ComVoc Zone Meeting Presentation 1, 11-12

This slide file accompanied the ComVoc Zone meetings short presentation in the 1st half of...more

Pahar Trust Nepal

Site for the Ekhabu Primary School in Nepal

Site for the new school at Ekhabu in Nepal with the old school buildings on the immediate ...more

Footcare in the Carribean

Poster advertising diabetes footcare

Poster advertising diabetes footcare....more