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The Water Filter Project

I have worked through it with four different schools, all year six pupils. All of my Head teachers requested a more formal, structured approach to building the supporting tower for the funnel.
This takes about two hours, the filtration input and competition 11/2 hours in the afternoon and the structures, materials taught element up to one hour, as the time safety valve for rounding up the morning session.
It was a really busy day, needing good organisation and classroom technique but thoroughly enjoyed by all. We had parents in for the latter part of the day for prize giving etc.
I ran a District two hour introduction session, and most clubs that will participate look to doing it in the new school year. I would recommend that clubs starting out use the bridge project as it is more time manageable.

Pete Lambson
Primary Technology Lead Rotarian
Rotary District 1190 Schools’ Technology Co-ordinator
President Elect Carnforth Rotary

September 2018

District 1100 Environment Group agreed Principles to assist in determining projects: 

  • To promote an enhanced and healthy interest in the sustainability of our Environment.
  • To share the excitement in working to stem the degradation of the Planet. 
  • To embrace high impact projects at home and abroad. 
  • To work with Rotarians in achieving our goals. 
  • To work with the wider Community in achieving our goals.

Stewart Ross is now responsible for Community and Environment.

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