Member Colin Coates took us through
some old remedies

The speaker on 25 September 2018 was member Colin Coates who, following an introductory joke about an Irishman, took us through the wisdom of "What our Grandmothers' Knew" published by Readers Digest in 1974. 

Colin shared a host of ideas many of them involving alcohol. These included:

                8 cures for hiccups;
                A remedy for Aches and Pains; 
                A remedy for Shiny Hair; 
                How to clean wallpaper involving bread;
                How to keep moths at bay;
                How to make your glassware sparkle by using cold water;
                How to clean playing cards;
                How to cure sore throats and toothache 
AND many more. 

A thoroughly entertaining and amusing talk - it is surprising what our ancestors knew without the need for much money.


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