85th. Clitheroe Rotary Birthday Party!

Charter Night at Holmes Mill, Clitheroe.

"Clitheroe Rotary has just celebrated its 85th Birthday

On Thursday 13th September Clitheroe Rotary celebrated its 85th birthday since it was granted it’s Charter in August 1933. The original event allowed the newly formed club to operate under the "Rotary Banner”, which at the time was a growing movement in the UK as well as in other countries. 

This was the first time that Clitheroe Rotary has held an event in the iconic Holmes Mill Suite in the heart of the newly renovated establishment in the beating heart of Clitheroe. 

We had guests and friends from 19 Rotary Clubs present, mostly from the Hyndburn & Ribble Valley area. 
We were also fortunate to have 2 visiting Rotarians from Bendigo in Australia and 2 visiting Rotarians from different clubs in Staffordshire. 
As honoured Guests we had the Mayors of both the Ribble Valley Borough Council and Clitheroe. Also as guests were the Presidents of Blackburn Rotary, Ribblesdale Rotary and the Presidents of Clitheroe Lions and Clitheroe Round Table. 

The food was great and the ambiance of the Holmes Mill Suite was, well different and interesting. 
The usual practices were upheld during our celebrations and we were delighted that our District Governor, Mary Bradley from Whitehaven Rotary was able to play a full part in the evening activities. 
The final evening event was a very humorous after dinner speech delivered with some fascinating unusual slides and video clips by Rotarian Geoff Mackey from Audley in Staffordshire. 
Geoff is a great highly respected Rotarian and over the over years he has become a “raconteur extraordinaire”. He had us all in stitches with some of his many anecdotes. 
However both Mary Bradley and Geoff Mackey were exceptionally clear in their message delivered in different ways. The ongoing changes in Rotary in UK and Ireland (and by implication in every club) must proceed because the alternative is both unpalatable and unthinkable.  
Clitheroe Rotary is one of the biggest Rotary Clubs in the North West. President Sandy Morrison, confirmed that Clitheroe Rotary will rise to these new Rotary challenges. We accept that our club has to change  as well. It may take us a few years to get there.
Clitheroe Rotarians are confident that we can maintain the current size of the Club and, at the same time, emulate the success of our predecessors over our previous 85 years.
In addition in this Rotary year, Clitheroe Rotarians will try to reach the stretching target of raising $2,650 (+/- £1850) for the Rotary Polio Plus (or P4P) Campaign as DG Mary stressed that Clitheroe Rotary is  currently only one of 6 clubs who are over half way to this target.   

A very enjoyable and entertaining evening was had by all.

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