Held on Tuesday 21 August 2018

On the evening of 21 August 2018 the Croydon Night of Dance was held in the Addiscombe area outside three public houses: The Builder's Arms, The Oval Tavern and The Orchard.

This is the 15th year that the event has run and President Loraine’s charity, Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association (CNCA), was the recipient of funds collected on the night. CNCA works to meet the needs of isolated, vulnerable and frail people within Croydon.

There were over 10 Morris Teams (sides) performing. The pictures show the St Albans Morris Men, The Wild Hunt Bedlam Morris (can you spot Nuala playing the mandolin? Nuala spoke about Morris Dancing on 29 May.) and the Old Palace Clog. President Loraine dances with the Old Palace Clog and another picture shows her speaking to secretary Barbara whilst watching another Morris side before dancing herself.

Finally, there was a horse who when he had finished his dance went into the Builder's Arms and ordered a pint of beer!! It's surprising who you meet in Croydon. An excellent evening and well worth supporting in 2019.

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