DG Mary visits Clitheroe

New District Governor, Mary Bradley paid her inaugural visit to Clitheroe Rotary 16th September.

Our District Governor was today’s guest and speaker.  She was introduced by the President, who outlined the aspirations of our Club for the coming year:

  • To reinforce Rotary Ideals
  • To increase our image through more community projects
  • To set targets for increased membership and fundraising
  • To increase our contribution to the rotary Foundation
  • To continue to support Polio+
  • To record our work on RCC

The District Governor outlined her thoughts for the year ahead.  She explained how she was enjoying visiting Clubs around the district and congratulated us on the creation of Rotary 2, which she hoped might be adopted across the District and beyond.   She felt it was her role to be the “Inspiration” and that Rotary should inspire other people.

As District Governor, she was asking every Rotarian to be proud, to recognize our contributions and be proud to speak about them.  In order to remind us to be Proud, the District Governor gave us the 5P’s

Projects – do lots!

  • Publicise – celebrate the impact that we have and do so to attract new members
  • People – we need more members, to get the skills to do our projects
  • Polio – be proud of what we have achieved but be aware that there were still 13 cases last year and we must not waiver in our task.
  • Peace – encourage people to recognize that being at peace is also a state of mind.

The District governor made some closing remarks:

She is to host a fundraising seminar on 24 Sep 18.

On 23 Feb 19 is to be “The World’s Greatest Meal” to promote Rotary’s contribution to the eradication of Polio.

Vote of Thanks   President Sandy thanked the District Governor for her inspirational speech and presented her with one of our Pens.

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