25 years of cooperation among seven Rotary clubs in Europe

Rotary assistance to the needy is accomplished in many ways, but always aimed at contributing towards humanitarian objectives, as established by the founder of the organization Paul Harris.

An example of this was the initiative undertaken in April 1994, at international level in Europe, by the President of the Rotary Club Roanne Est (France) M. Alain Pierson, with the object of raising funds jointly with other European Rotary Clubs in order to carry out in sequence yearly projects in their respective countries, where the contributions made would allow the implementation of assistance with a more significant value.

The proposal was accepted by six other European Rotary Clubs and thereafter this unique event has been carried out yearly in turn by the Clubs of Neufchâteau (B), Koblenz Deutsches Eck (D), again Roanne Est (F), Sondrio (I), Yverdon-les-Bains (CH), Roses Empuriabrava (E) and East Croydon (UK) until 2018, allowing the implementation of substantial projects funded through the joint contributions from all members of the EUROSTAR group.

It was established that the six visiting Clubs would pay €40.00 per member and the host Club would provide an equivalent sum to the total of such donations. To this was added the possibility of receiving a grant from the Rotary Foundation.

In addition, the annual meetings attended by numerous members from the six other Rotary Clubs visiting the host country during an extended week-end, have contributed to an excellent development of Rotary friendship and an increased knowledge of the host institutions benefiting from the project, as well as appreciating cultural aspects of each region where the fellow Rotary Club is located.

Thus, this Rotarian image of European solidarity is reflected in a resumé of how each Club in turn has organized and contributed assistance to the following social projects implemented jointly to date (contribution from the Rotary Foundation in brackets):

1994 ROANNE-EST - France:
Founders meeting of “EUROSTAR” in Dijon.

1995 NEUFCHATEAU - Belgium: 29 April:
Signing of the Friendship Founding Charter.

1996 KOBLENZ - Germany:
Assistance to a school for disabled children € 20.000.00

1997 ROANNE-EST – France:
Organization of an International Youth Meeting

1998 SONDRIO – Italy:
Assistance to a Rehabilitation Centre for delinquents and drug addicts:
€36.500.00 Rotary Foundation (€ 23.000.00)

1999 YVERDON-LES-BAINS - Switzerland:
Purchase of musical instruments for students at the local conservatory:
€ 40.200.00 Rotary Foundation (SF 36.848.00)

2000 ROSES – Spain:
Equipment for the handicapped at the ALTEM Foundation – Figueres:
€60.000.00 Rotary Foundation (€ 30.000.00)

2001 CROYDON – United Kingdom:
“DEBRA” (Association Congenital Epidermolisia): € 12.200.00

2002 NEUFCHATEAU - Belgium:
Computers and equipment for the “ANSART” Rural Development Centre: € 33.000.00 Rotary Foundation (€ 11.500.00)

2003 KOBLENZ – Germany:
Purchase of carpentry Equipment for a delinquent insertion centre:
€20.000.00 Rotary Foundation (€ 6.660.00)

2004 ROANNE-EST – France:
Assistance to the families of the severely psychiatrically ill (ANSART)
Purchase of a vehicle and equipment:
€ 32.400.00 Rotary Foundation (€ 10.800.00)

2005 SONDRIO – Italy:
Training for families, assistants and in-services for children with autism

2006 YVERDON LES BAINS – Switzerland:
New equipment items for the “La Licorne Foundation” ( Social and professional rehabilitation of adults in difficulties, such as former prisoners and drug addicts): € 37.300.00 Rotary Foundation (€ 13.700.00)

2007 ROSES – Spain:
Providing three secondary educational institutes with computer equipment:
€ 33.555.00 Rotary Foundation (€ 15.255.00)

2008 CROYDON – UK:
Providing computers and related furniture/equipment to the Croydon Resource Centre and Support Services, for the development of skills and research work for the homeless and unemployed: € 28.000.00 Rotary Foundation: (€ 18.000.00) District Grant: (€ 3.000.00)

2009 NEUFCHATEAU – Belgium:
Support to 3 ASBL:

I) Computer equipment for a centre directed at assistance to mentally handicapped children: € 12.664.00

II) “Les Glaieuls” Children's home for disdvantged parents (Placing of an emergency toboggan: € 9.659.00

III) ALEM (Assitance to mistreated children): € 12.478.25

€ 35.410.28 Rotary Foundation: (€ 12.155.00)

2010 ROANNE EST – France:
Setting up of a “SAMSHA” Macon for assistance to the handicapped: € 25.000.00

2011 KOBLENZ – Germany:
Assistance for a school in a problem area, aimed at improving their infra-structure with the required equipment: € 38.000.00 Rotary Foundation: (€ 13.000.00)

2012 SONDRIO – Italy: n.a.

2013 YVERDON-LES-BAINS – Switzerland:
Furnishing of 16 bedrooms at the “Petitmaître” Foundation which hosts and cares for children previously living in harsh conditions at home and/or without appropiate education: € 20.500.00

2014 ROSES – Spain
Purchase of a vehicle for FADIR, an institution caring for the handicapped: € 30.000.00

2015 CROYDON – United Kingdom:
Providing St. Giles School (for young people with physical and sensorial difficulties) with bicycles and scooters: € 30.000.00

2016 NEUFCHATEAU – Belgium:
“Le Fourneau David” Supply of computer programmes and audiovisual equipment for musical education: € 7.833.71

“Les Glaieuls” - Assistance in the purchase of a vehicle for the transport of children boarding at the Institute: € 10.000.00

APEM – Luxembourg – installation of a security system: € 3.500.00

€ 21.333.71 Rotary Foundation (€ 3.000.00)

2017 KOBLENZ – Germany:
Assistance in the supply of equipment to the Willi-Graf School where immigrant children are forth-coming from 25 different countries: € 41.000.00 Rotary Foundation (€ 13.000.00)

2018 SONDRIO – Italy: 
This latest visit took place in May, so final information is awaited.


€ 650.000.00 

€ 207.000.00 (32%)


Following its creation, EUROSTAR represents a singular yearly event for our Club. In effect, our Club is one of the initiators of this Rotary activity in which it participates fully each year. EUROSTAR favours international contacts which allow a joining of forces and competence to favour local associations. EUROSTAR also allows our friends from the other clubs to become aware of our requirements and involvement at the Belgian Luxembourg level. EUROSTAR is a perfect example of what Rotarians promote: “Serve within a spirit of friendship and conviviality”

The Croydon Club members think “Rotary EUROSTAR” is a very good initiative which provides regular links between the members of several international clubs, and enables larger local projects every 7 years which would be difficult to achieve otherwise. We have also received comments from our project beneficiaries expressing their delight that the value of their services have been recognised and supported internationally by Rotary.

Many of our Club members have always been very interested in participating actively in the EUROSTAR events as members of our organization committee when it was our turn to organize the meeting as well as visitors to the other EUROSTAR Clubs. Our three social projects realized so far have been a great success. The impact of these significant projects in our region contributed to improve knowledge about Rotary and its objectives.

However, motivation decreased somewhat when it became difficult or even impossible to obtain grants from the Rotary Foundation. But now, after RC Koblenz Deutsches Eck was successful in once again obtaining a grant, our motivation and commitment has returned.

Our members appreciate EUROSTAR meetings as an opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of life and culture in our neighbouring countries. Many of them maintain and continue contact and friendship with Rotarians from the other EUROSTAR clubs, in addition to the yearly meetings organized each spring.

We are very pleased to be part of the EUROSTAR group and wish to continue at the same level: same number of clubs, same rythm, same cost and, if possible, maintain the same impact of the social projects. However, we feel that information and communications within the EUROSTAR group concerning our social projects (objectives, results, follow-up) deserve more attention than in the past. This should always be an important item on the event programme (as it was in the 2017 gathering in Koblenz)

The EUROSTAR grouping of 6 European Rotary Clubs brings to life the thought of a common Europe through a long-lasting contact between European friends.

The yearly engagement towards the common financing of a single project through contributions by the six member countries of the EUROSTAR group, allows the host Club to promote a significant project.

This method makes the possibility of each club in their region to “do good” in line with the aims of Rotary, i.e. to carry our projects in the local community.

This kind of “European” cooperation is unique in Germany and is very positively judged in the District as well as in Rotary Germany.

Implementing important assistance projects in the community have promoted even further the good image of our Club, created interest in our objectives and obtained ample support from the local authorities and the citizens of our area.

The methodology adopted for the funding and implementation of the above mentioned projects has had a “spin-off” effect at national and district levels in some countries. In Spain this is being applied at District 2202 Zone level - Girona (To which the Rotary Club Roses Empuriabrava belongs) using a similar methodology, entitled “GIRO-ROTARY”, now in its third year of carrying out multi-club financed projects, meeting with great success among six Rotary Clubs in the same Zone, assisting the needy in their respective areas of influence.

It is recommended that this procedure be applied by the other “EUROSTAR” member countries.


April 2018

Thank you kindly, with warmest regards

Philip Searle                                                Robert D. Dunning

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