At Chessington World of Adventure

David Cronk from Croydon Jubilee Rotary Club teamed up with our own “Kids out” minder David Milsted, at Sainsbury’s on the Purley Way, to plot our best route to Chessington World of Adventures.

Two coffees and matching jam donuts got us underway!

David Cronk had supervised the ticketing for Kingsley Primary School at Waddon Crescent and a Rotary sponsored minibus was on hand, plus a second limo from Shirley High School.

We arrived at the park in good time to meet Alan and Carol Knight, the splendid district organisers, and marched into the magic of Chessington which includes a zoo and a multitude of rides for the not so faint hearted!

We didn’t know the location of the Kingsley kids and a mobile call to the headteacher failed to confirm their arrival. David and I pondered our next move over a soft drink in the main square and decided to look in the car park for our sponsored transport!

There were over 1400 Rotary sponsored children at Chessington with 727 carers, all from special needs schools. There were 75 minibuses in the car park all very similar in colour! Croydon Jubilee and Croydon South clubs funded a minibus some years ago and the Rotary logo gave it away! We found our buses close to the main entrance. They must’ve got there for an early start. Good news indeed!

David and I decided to go for a menu of all-you-can-eat for £12 including pasta and pizza and soft drinks. Our group were probably tucking into their own picnic lunches provided at the Azteca Hotel in the park before resuming their rides.

Letters of thanks are on their way from the school and David Cronk come to lunch for a reading.

Great weather and a good “Kids-Out” day.

We have over £3000 in the Croydon clubs’ kitty and look forward to planning another special event in President Loraine’s year, next June.

Fancy a moon landing or perhaps a magic carpet ride?

Written by David Milsted

The Spokesman – Issue 45 – July & August 20

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