A talk by Camilla Johnson
on Tuesday 27 February 2018

Camilla Johnson talked about her involvement with, and the work of,  Link to Hope is a Christian charity, based in Worthing, which has over 25 years’ experience of reaching out a helping hand to poor and marginalised people in Eastern Europe. The charity works to rebuild lives and communities through education and social care.

Some years ago, Camilla worked in an orphanage in Romania, but gave this up when she had her children. Looking to be involved in some charitable work, she heard about the ‘shoe boxes’ and set about collecting some herself. At that time, it was necessary to deliver the boxes to the collection point in Worthing and Camilla thought it would be useful to have a local hub. This turned out to be her home and last year she collected 4,000 shoe boxes, which were transported to Romania on 17 December 2017.

Originally, the shoe boxes were for families, but in recent times other boxes have been compiled for elderly people.

In 2000, Camilla attended a Link to Hope conference where she learned that not only did they transport shoe boxes to Romania and Moldova, but they also undertook various projects to support the local community, encouraging them to become independent of the charity’s support.

This led Camilla to become more involved and she now spends time travelling with the teams delivering the shoe boxes and undertaking project work. She had many photographs showing the poor living conditions endured by many, the work undertaking to help the locals improve these conditions, and the delight on the faces of the ‘shoe box’ recipients.

President Peter presented Camilla with a cheque on behalf of the Club. Member Richard Ford is also pictured.

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