RYLA - Getting Involved 2018

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Where does it start?

RYLA : Getting Involved

The 2018 RYLA week is Saturday 30th June to Friday 6th July,
the cost of the course - paid for by the sponsoring Rotary Club - is £530

The most essential part of any ROTARY Youth Programme is the strength of your Club’s relationship with a local school, educational establishment or other organisation. 

RYLA CanoeingSuccess depends entirely upon identifying the student who is likely to benefit most from the experience of this course.  It can’t be stressed enough that students should be chosen using extremely close co-operation between the School / Other Organisation Leader/and the Rotary Club. 

This starts with Rotarians passing on as much information about the objectives and content of the course to the Headteachers/ Group Leaders with a detailed profile of the type of young person best suited.

Clubs are encouraged to be fully involved with the selection of candidates but nobody knows the potential candidates like the school staff/ other organisation leaders.  Their input at the selection stage is vital.

When does it all start?

Schools/ Other Organisations are busy places.  They need plenty of notice to get things moving, however start too early and your approach may get put onto the back burner and forgotten, start too late and you may run out of time. Contact your local school/other organisation no later than the middle of the Spring Term.  Arrange to see the Headteacher or representative and give them a chance to identify students who will fit the profile.

A few suggestions

  • Initial contact with the school / other organisation is best done by appointment (face to face) with the Head RYLA candidateor representative in the Spring Term (beginning of March).
  • The school /other organisation should be encouraged to prepare the shortlist at or shortly after the start of the Summer Term.
  • Arrange to meet and talk to short-listed candidates in later April/ early May.  A list of possible questions is on the back of the ENTRY FORM for 2018.
  • Keep an alternative option up your sleeve in case a Candidate, after accepting a place, withdraws.
  • Put as much information about your candidate on the ENTRY FORM.  It will make a great difference to their RYLA experience.

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