Water & Sanitation

Water and Sanitation

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Sand Dams

Aquabox with Aqua filters
Aqua boxes charity caters for Emergency and Disaster situations as well as for the individual and community need for clean drinking water.  Aquaboxes contains buckets, items to make a shelter, maintain hygiene, items for babies and for cooking which can be used in an emergency or in disaster areas.  Aqua filters are units with submicron filters which are non-permeable to bacteria and most viruses and hence providing safe drinking water to the family and the community.


Village Water
The organization works in Zambia. They provide well and hand pump, give education to the villages on hygiene and sanitation and train selected villagers on repair and maintenance of the water points. Sustainability is maintained through the village participation.


Water aid
With a third of the world unable to access improved sanitation and 10% without access to clean water lack of such provision leads to debilitating disease in the worst cases and immense diversion of time and effort, especially by women and girls, in order to obtain water.  

Wateraid utilises low cost technologies for providing water to the community. This includes rain water harvesting, borehole drilling, and gravity fed flow system and rope pump. It is insistent on coupling physical supplies with Education and Community organisation so that facilities are well-used and maintained by the communities.