Service Above Self Awards at St. Mary's, Menston

Mon 19th November 2018 at 19.30 - 22.00

Blythe McCaul won the GCSE level award whilst the recipient at the Sixth Form Award Ceremony was Mary Monaghan

At the GCSE Prizegiving Evening, well attended by students staff and parents, Blythe McCaul gained the Aireborough Rotary Service Above Self Award for her work within the community.

A month later at the Sixth Form Award Ceremony Mary Monaghan won the Award described as an outstanding pupil, always at the forefront of volunteering in the community.

During the evening several pupils were given Bambisanani and Diana Awards. As we well know this multi-award winning Wharfedale based charity founded by David Gildart has gained international acclaim for its work using sport to promote education, health, global citizenship and leadership in one of South Africa's deprived rural areas. One of these prizewinners was Ewan Copsey who, a year ago, helped present this year's episode of the project at the annual Youth and education evening meeting. 

Aireborough Rotary has recently gained a Global Grant to build an I.T. suite at Mnyakanya High School to be named Mary's Room to reflect both Mary Jowett's donation to the Club and the work of St. Mary's.

In the left hand picture, left to right: Headteacher Darren Beardsley, Peter Nuttall, Patrick Kirkham, Mary Monaghan and Joint President Barry Bootland

In the right hand picture the only names available were once again headteacher Darren Beardsley and award winner Blythe McCaul

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