Santa Sleigh Photos

Here is our club's policy on taking photos of children at Santa Sleigh events

Santa Sleigh Photo Policy for Rotary Club of Esk Valley


  • All volunteers will be easily identifiable by their high visibility vests
  • A female volunteer will be beside Santa at all times
  • We will ask permission from parents or guardian before photographing a child. If permission is refused, this will not affect the child being able to speak to Santa
  • If permission is granted, the parent or guardian will be given a slip detailing the Facebook address and URL pointing them to this page to read the photo policy. They will also be asked to sign a sheet giving permission.
  • Photos will be displayed on our public social media platforms
  • Esk Valley Rotary will not tag or name individual children in photos on Facebook
  • Esk Valley Rotary reserves the right to use photos on their internet site or in subsequent publicity material (eg leaflets) promoting the Rotary Club
  • To request removal of a photo, or if you have further queries, please contact us