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This is a summary of our activities, other than our normal Club Meetings,.over the past twelve months. You can also view our Club Meeting Notes and Club Bulletin in the "What we Do" area of the Home Page of this website.

                                              CHELTENHAM NORTH NEWS

                 This is a selection of our activities over the past twelve Months

Kevin Gwilliam Biographical Talk August 2019

At the Club Meeting on the 15th August gave a Bigraphical talk to the Club Members

A copy of this talk plus picture can be found in Photo Galleries/Event Pictures in the "What we Do" Area. at the top of the Home Page.

Donation to Prostate Cancer UK August 2019

At our Club meeting on the 19th August Michele Parr, on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK , was presented with a cheque for £5500.

This sum represented 50% of the proceeds raised from the Wine Festival organised by Cheltenham North which took place at Pittville Pump Rooms in April 2019.

John Parr was previously a member of Cheltenham North Rotary Club and was instrumental in getting this annual event off the ground.Donation to Prostate Cancer UK August 2019

Donation to “School in the Bag” August 2019

At our meeting on the 1st August a very informative presentation was given by Liz Foy of the Charity “School in the Bag”

The Cheltenham Rotary Club had previously provided funds for the supply of bags to the Children in Nepal and Liz explained the process with pictures and her own experience during her visit.

At the conclusion Liz was presented with a cheque for £1000 to cover the supply of further bags for the new school arrivals. 

August 2019 Gloucestershire Young Carers Day Out

Member’s of the Glos. Young Carers staff and children (8–13 years) travelled from the Racecourse railway station to Winchcombe to have a BBQ at the home of Rotarian Janet Keenan.

Rotarians prepared a Barbecue followed ice cream cornets with strawberries.

At the end of an enjoyable day it was time to go back to the station for the return journey.

Our grateful thanks to Janet, for providing the location and to Peter and Pat Watson, Andrew and Gill Worthington, for their BBQ skills and overall assistance.

Garden Parties in support of Solar Aid July/August 2019

Hosted by Janet Keenan two Garden Parties were held by by the members of Cheltenham North to support the Solar Aid project.

All monies raised will contribute to additional solar equipment. We understand that the amount raised for Solar Aid is approaching £1000.

We are grateful to Janet for providing an excellent location for thes two events.

Two new members for Cheltenham North August 2019

At our meeting on 1st August the Club Members were delighted to welcome two new members to our Club, Sue Jenkins and Linda Pawley.

We extend a very warm welcome to them both

Rotary Boules Competition July 2019

We won our local Derby against Cleeve Vale, on their home terrain in Prestbury. It was close but with such detailed knowledge of their tactics and gamesmanship being available to our new players through the old guard who once played for the opposition, we were able to prevail.

The club owes the team a big thank you for coming out during Wimbledon, but the social side of Rotary manifested itself when we all went into the Plough to await our pre-ordered pub super.

Our home match against Tewkesbury did not go so well as we narrowly lost on points, but once again those who sat with us, after the match, in the Ale House, had a good evening.

Visit to Belmont School 15th July 2019

Cheltenham Noth Rotary Club is a supporter of Belmont School.

A group of Rotarians were very pleased to accept an invitation from Kevin Day whom provided a very interesting tour of the School and its facilities.

Presidential Handover July 2019

At our Club Meeting on the 4th July the Presidential reins of Cheltenham North were passed from Beth Phillip to Michael Rouse.

Also taking up their new roles were Richard Purdon as President elect and Geoff Fox as President Nominee

Donations By Cheltenham North

At the Handover meeting on the 4th July Outgoing President Beth Phillip advised that her chosen charities would receive the following from the Club Charity account.

Retina UK - £11,000; Star Centre - £3,000 and LINC - £3,000 Gloucershire Young Carers £3000

Visits to Loughborough Opera and David Austin Roses June 2019

A group of Cheltenham North Rotarians enjoyed an evening at the Loughborough Opera.

Rotarians from Cheltenham North also supported a visit to David Austin Roses organised by Linc.

Beer and Cricket Fest. 22nd and 23rd June 2019

In conjunction with the Hatherley and Reddings Cricket Club Cheltenham North Rotarians organised their annual Beer and Cricket Fest at the Cricket Club Ground.

We were blessed with good weather conditions that helped to make the two day event a success

It is hoped that the event will raise over £7000 to be split equally between the Cricket Club and Rotary Charities.

We understand that the Cricket Club will use their monies to provide training for their younger members and also to enhance their Club facilities.

We are grateful to the support from our sponsors and our many visitors.

Details of the event next year will be added at a later date  

Saturday 15th June 12.00 Belmont School Funday

Club Members supported the Belmont School Funday on Saturday 15th June

The Rotarians provided help by supervising the parking arrangements and also the Burger Barbecue Stall

The Rotary Club made a donation of £250 to provide an additional Barbecue for School events. 

The "Kids Out" Trip to Cattle Country 12th June 2019

Cheltenham North Rotarians  enabled 41 children and 26 staff and parents from The Ridge Academy, Cheltenham to enjoy a day out at Cattle Country. The event is part of the annual Kids Out initiative in which Rotary collaborates with theme parks and other venues to provide more than 50,000 children with learning difficulties and other more serious conditions with a wonderful experience.

A Train Ride and Lunch in Broadway 11th June 2019

A Group of 31 Cheltenham Rotarians and Guests enjoyed ( Despite the poor weather) a Steam Train journey to Broadway from the Racecourse Station in Cheltenham.

An excellent lunch was served at the Russell's restaurant in Broadway. After which the group made its way back to Broadway station for the return journey

We are grateful to Peter Watson for making the arrangements.

Thursday 6th June 2019 Club AGM and Club Assembly

The Club held its AGM at the New Club on Thursday 6th June

The Club Officers for 2019/20 were approved. Also agreed were the Club Annual member’s subscription of £100, honorary members and the Club Auditors.

The President elect for 2019/20, Michael Rouse gave a presentation on his aspirations for his presidential year. The District representative present was Ann Bartholomew  

Susie Barclay-Edwards Joins Cheltenham North June 2019

We were pleased to welcome Susie- Edwards as a new member of Cheltenham North

Susie was inducted by the President Bet Phillip at our meeting on the 6th June and we extend a warm welcome to our membership.

May 2019 A Club Treasure Hunt

A Club Treasure Hunt with Partners was organised by Andrew and Steve around Winchcombe.

 Forty Members and partners enjoyed a stroll around the town endeavouring to find solutions to the clues provided by the organisers.


This was followed by a meal at the Lion Inn North Street Winchcombe during which the “Treasure” was awarded to the winners of the event

25th May 2019 Shelterbox in the Regent Arcade Cheltenham

Cheltenham North Rotarians were present in the Regent Arcade to promote and receive donations for Shelterbox. This event was organised by the International Committee of Cheltenham North

The event raised over £112 which will help to provide Shelterboxes, when needed, at disaster locations throughout the world 

Gardeners' Question Time 16th May 2019

This well supported event organised by the Rotarians of Cheltenham North, and held at Shurdington Century Hall included;

Plant sale. Garden books and Hat sale. Botanical Art Exhibit and a Raffle

The main event was a series of questions raised by the people present which were answered by the panel of experts which were;

Duncan Coombs- retired lecturer at Warwickshire Horticultural College, Pershore.

Chris Evans -The Butterfly Garden, Churchdown

Julie Ritchie - Hoo House Nursery, Tewkesbury 

Jim Teague- Horticulturalist, Ashton under Hill.

We are grateful to the support from these experts and the attendees with the proceeds from the event going towards Rotary Charities.

Curry Lunch for School in the Bag April 2019

The International Committee organised a Curry Lunch in aid of their project to supply “A School in the Bag” for Children in Nepal

This was held at Home Farm Tredington and we are grateful to Paddy and Roger for allowing us to use their Barn for the event.

Also a big thank you to Rosanne and her Committee for all their hard work in making this event such a success.

This event raised £847 for School in the Bag which was raised to £1000 from the Club Charity account.

Stroke Awareness 13th April 201

Cheltenham North Rotarians supported the annual "Know your Blood Pressure" Day, in association with the Stroke Association,  together with the Cheltenham Rotary Club, between 10AM and 4PM in the Regent Arcade  This a country wide event involving Rotary Clubs through-out the UK.

From the people tested 14 were referred to the Medical Authorities two of them urgently.

Cheltenham Annual Wine Festival 6th April 2019

Cheltenham North Rotarians, Partners and friends organised and supported the fourth Annual Wine Festival at the Pittville Pump Rooms .

The event was a great success with over 400 people attending. Many favourable comments received from both exhibitors and tasters. 

It is hoped that between 10 to 12 K will be raised for Rotary Charities. 

Tony Pawley Joins Cheltenham North 4th April 2019

President Beth introduced Tony Pawley to the Club Members as a new member at our meeting on the 4th April.

Tony joins Cheltenham North from Poole Rotary Club. Previously Tony had been Club President, Secretary and Assistant District Governor.

RIBI Young Musician Competition 31st March 2019

Regional Final for Districts 1060,1100,1150 & 1210

Cheltenham North Rotarians and Partners supported the District Music Finals at Dean Close School on Sunday 31st March 2019

The Club provided the refreshments, Anne and Monica and also acted as Stewards at the event.

Visit to the National Star Centre 28th March 2019

A group of 22 Cheltenham North Members, Partners and friends visited the National Star Centre at Ullenwood. They were given a guided tour of the excellent facilities.

Afterwards the group enjoyed lunch in the Star Bistro.

We are grateful to President Beth for organising the visit.

Skittles V Worcester Vigornia 25th March 2019

In football a hat trick of goals is considered a brilliant achievement by any player and if the team goes on to win the league then the champagne corks start popping.

Unfortunately our only hat trick was to lose again for the third time.

So I congratulate my team of achieving a hat trick!!!!!!

Yes we went down 296 to 272 so congratulations to the stronger side Worcester V.
I of course will be considering my options as team manager !!!

From the serious of pictures of our President Beth you can see how the evening went towards the end - Oh No not again - straight through the middle!!

Afternoon Tea in Charlton Kings March 2019

Organised by the Club Community Service Committee a number of Cheltenham North Rotarians provided afternoon Tea/25th Birthday Party/Quiz for an afternoon get together for the Happy Circle Club at a local Church Hall in Charlton Kings.

New Members for Cheltenham North March 2019

At our meeting on the 21st March we were delighted to welcome two new Rotarians to Cheltenham North, Julianna Rose and Monica Wragg

They were introduced to the members by President Beth. 

District Skittles V Pershore 18th March 2019

Well a good evening of fellowship with Pershore Rotary was held last Monday at Cleeve Hills Golf Club whistst the two teams battled out a skittles match.
The match it self was a little bit like the England v Scotland rugby match last weekend. The home side was well and truly in the lead at half time 180 points v 174 -Pershore.

Well I can only blame the beer and food break as it all went to pot in the second half and soon Pershore had taken the lead and ended up the rightful winners.
CN - 267
Pershore - 270.
So congratulations to them.

We look forward to a better result against Worcester Vignornia next Monday.

Kevin Gwilliam

District Conference Torquay March 2019

A group of Cheltenham North Members and POartners attended the District Conference at Torquay


A group of 16 people from Cheltenham North Rotary Club supported the dinner at Hatherley Manor to celebrate the 50th Defibrillator. The event was well attended with 210 tickets having been sold. 

Colesbourne Teas February 2019

We had quite good weather and a large number of visitors came to our tea room.  We counted over two days that we had served tea and cake to 809 people plus a few dogs.

This was a real club effort with the helpers allocated to:  taking the money at the door, keeping the urns boiling the water to fill the tea pots, the tea servers, the cake servers, the table clearers, and the chain gang in the kitchen washing up non-stop.


We had 2 shifts per day and everyone worked hard to make the whole event a great success.

I would like to thank all those who made cakes or gave donations for someone to make a cake for them.    We had a splendid variety and hardly any whole cakes left at the end, and those few were taken to Open Door ( for the homeless)


We charged £4.00 for a cup of tea and piece of cake, and less for only one item.  I am delighted to tell you that all this hard work produced the magnificent sum of £3,101.60p for our charities.


So a huge “thank you” to all who helped to make this such a successful event, and who worked with enthusiasm and good humour to provide the teas and cakes for our many visitors.  We were complimented on our excellent baking skills. We were wearing aprons to advertise the Wine Festival, so who knows, we may have many more now buying tickets for that event.


Vivien Barr

Two New Members for Cheltenham North January 2019

 We are pleased to welcome two new members Elizabeth and Michael Jones to Cheltenham North Rotary Club

They were introduced to the Club Members by President Beth at our meeting on the 17th January.  

District Skittles V Evesham and Chipping Camden January 2019

A report on the Evesham match from our new Skittles Team Manager Kevin Gwilliam

In my first season as team manager/captain I was sacked and then re instated after the final round although I was hoping to go with a 15 million contract package like some football managers!!!

Cheltenham North arrived at the venue in their droves - Myself, John, John, Roger, Eric, Shirley, Andrew and Clive. The match got underway against Evesham to which Cheltenham  pulled ahead in the first leg only. As you will see from the scores on the picture our accuracy went down the alley !!!so to speak, and we were well and truly behind until the final leg. 

It was then being discussed amongst the Cheltenham team - was their new manager any good and up to the job. At this point I tried to negotiate a leaving package!!.

However in true spirit of knowing this was my last game I encouraged the players to give their all in the final leg we only had  19 points to make up just to draw the game. Shirley came to rescue and scored 13 in her final leg. The rest of the team also rose to the occasion and we began closing the gap one by one until the final throw by Evesham of the match whereby they need two skittles to win. 

Final score -

Evesham 296.

Cheltenham 297. 

My managers position is safe for another game!!!.

Well done to all the team and a special thanks to Evesham who put on a good show all round


Unfortunately we could not keep up the good work against Chipping Camden and were well beaten380 to 337

Our Team Manager Kevin was not well during the evening and had to leave early so that is our excuse.

Onwards to our two home matches details to be advised.

Special General Meeting 3rd January 2019

This meeting was arranged to approve the Club Accounts and to elect the following Club Officers for the year 2019-2020 to take effect from 1 July 2019 as follows;

President Elect – Richard Purdon – proposed by Andrew Worthington and Seconded by Peter Watson

President Nominee – Geoff Fox – proposed by Andrew Worthington and Seconded by Peter Watson

Secretary – Andrew Worthington – proposed by Peter Watson and Seconded by Beth Phillip

Treasurer – John Smith – proposed by Andrew Worthington and Seconded by Peter Watson

All four officers were voted unanimously by the Members present.

NB the current President Elect automatically becomes President.


Carol Concert December 2018

The Club held its 41st Annual Carol Concert in the Princess Hall of Cheltenham Ladies College on the 18th December.

Compered by Paddy Grimshaw with Michael Sanger-Davies on the Organ. There were performances by Innsworth Military Wives Choir, The Cheltenham Silver Band, Leckhampton C of E Primary School Choirs and Soloist Soprano Danielle Smithson.

Over 500 people attended the event which raised £5100 for Rotary supported charities.  

December 2018 Santa Fun Run and Packing Christmas Parcels

During the month Cheltenham North Rotarians assisted at the Santa Fun Run and also packing Christmas Parcels for the needy of the area.

Club Christmas Dinner 6th December 2018

The Club annual Christmas Dinner was held at the Lilley Brook Golf Club

The members, partners and guests present were provided with an excellent meal and entertainment.

Pictures from the evening can be found in the Club Website home page under menu or the "What we Do" area and either Pictures of Events or Photo Galleries.

Kevin Gwilliam a New member for Cheltenham North November 2018

PDG Rodney Hill formally introduced Kevin to the members; he and Kevin had become acquainted while members of 41 Club. SVP Michael Rouse read the Object of Rotary and the President inducted Kevin as a member of RCCN. Kevin expressed his thanks for being accepted as a member and undertook to play a full part in the activities of the club.

Cheltenham Fireworks 3rd November 2018

A group of Cheltenham North Rotarians and Partners supported the Annual Round Table Fireworks Display held at the Cheltenham Racecourse

They acted as stewards and assisted in raising funds for local causes.

Visit to Westons Cider Mill 10th October 2018

Members, partners and friends totalling 22 drove through the lovely autumn countryside to Much Marcle, home of Westons Cider. With the sun beating down many of the group had coffee and a chat outside the old buildings before Tom, our guide for the visit, assemble us beside the old farm house and began a very informative talk about the Weston family and the production of cider on the site.

The farmhouse was built in 1611 and since 1880 cider has been produced on the site, the old press is still positioned near the house. Westons cider now produces 40 million litres of cider a year and exports to 40 countries worldwide with up to 25 varieties. Not only do they produce cider but there is a farm with prize organic Hereford cattle and sheep which are fed the mash from the apples.

Around ¼ of the apples are grown on site with the remainder coming from local farms within a 50 mile radius of Much Marcle. Every year around 35,000 tons are required which come from 350 growers. The cider is sold around 1 to 1 ½ years after it is pressed. They do produce a small amount of Perry cider.

We were shown the various stages of production, from the gravity fed washing system (most of the water used is from their own source and is recycled), the 40 oak vats, where the cider is stored, for between 3 and 18 months and later the outside storage tanks. The names of the oak vats and the storage tanks have such names, reindeer, football teams to ladies names, ‘Bubble’ & ‘Squeak’, two large storage tanks hold 42, 000 litres each.

Although most of the cider leaves in kegs, between 2,000 to 3,000 leave each Wednesday or Thursday, there is also a large bottling plant which we were able to view from windows high above.

Following the tour a short tasting session took place, one of the favourites was cider and rhubarb, a new variety, before having a very pleasant lunch in the restaurant…. . of course cider was used in all the main dishes!

What impressed many of the group was that not only is this a large family run organisation, employing up to 250 people, situated in a very rural and picturesque location but the family also have a keen interest in the heritage of cider making and the environment.

Many thanks must go to Sally Whittal for organising such an interesting visit on such a beautiful day.

Peter Watson


Our £2,000 donation has provided 20 bags for those children without a bag.  50 bags have been reserved for the new intake in April.

Following a request from Luke Simon CEO of SIB the remaining money has been spent on a laptop and projector.  Shree Kalinka school particularly asked if this was possible.

 Lis Foy, from SIB, who many of you will have met at our Curry Lunches and at the District Conference, was in Tenkanpur yesterday to present them to the school.

 I am sure you will agree, as does the International Committee, how pleasing it is that we can see first hand how our donation is being spent

Boules Update September 2018 Nigel Gilhead.

Away vs Tewkesbury, 13th September

We travelled to their home piste, conveniently situated in Gotherington. We all played three rounds, with a clear win for Cheltenham North of five games to one.

The last games were played in fading light, so we were grateful to have brightly coloured jacks to aim for. After the match, we all retired to the nearby Shutters pub, for a traditional pub supper

Garden Parties Janet and Peter Keenan 5th and 30th August

33 members and partners attended the second garden party lunch held this summer at Orchard House, Greet on 30 August. As the weather, although fine, was a bit cool the meal was held in the garden rooms where we managed to seat everybody at 4 tables. The various delicious puddings were given by some of those attending. It raised £538.00 . 

The first party was attended by 27 members on 5 August- both parties raised a total of £1,027.00 thanks to the generosity of those attending. 

The £1,027 will go a long way towards the cost of this year's solar lights project in Zambia by the Club joining with the Rotary Club and Rotaract Clubs of Lusaka and the English charity, SolarAid operating in Zambia. The project is to assist disabled children in some 300 poor families and and to provide solar lights for 3 clinics and a hospital (which sees an average of 1834 patients a quarter) which are without electricity.

Boules An Update August 2018 Nigel Gilhead

Boules at Evesham, we sent them down the river 

We fielded five members, John S, Richard P, Nigel G, John and Beth P, with four to play at any time. The terrain is on the flood management area, out of sight of the road, but we found it and the narrow car park entrance.

For openers John S won his singles game and Richard P, John P and Nigel G won their doubles. Beth held the tape measure.

For the next two rounds Richard P and John S partnered each other in the pairs, and after some persuasion Beth P partnered John P. To the delight of our President, who started the evening as a boules novice, this combination won all four of their games. A six-nil win to Cheltenham North.

We then crossed the road, to the Northwick Hotel annex/bar, where we enjoyed a sociable drink with the Evesham players.

Cleeve Vale came to play, it was rained off.

Having surprised the landlady as we arrived early at the Sandford Park Alehouse in the pouring rain, and asking for our sandwiches to be served early; we were unable to arrange a new date before the competition ended. So we agreed to move on to the skittles season.

North Cotswolds (Rams) came west, we sent them south

Once again we fielded five members, John S, Richard P, Nigel G, Tony H and Andrew W, with four to play at any time.

For openers Nigel G won his singles game and Richard P, Andrew W and Tony H won their triples. John S caught his breath and practiced, on the ever changing terrain.

For the next two rounds Richard P and John S partnered up again with Tony H and Andrew W forming the other partnership. Despite having to break for 10 minutes while the rain lashed down, in that configuration, now playing on a dry-damp-drying-surface, we won two of the four doubles games. The result was clear win by Cheltenham North of four games to two.

We all, retired to the Sandford Park Alehouse, almost taking over the upper room, for a drink and supper, in a warm and dry, sociable environment

14th August 2018 Gloucestershire Young Carers Day Out Vivien Barr

Recently Peter and Pat Watson and I travelled with 2 members of the Glos. Young Carers staff and 8 children (8–13 years) from the Racecourse railway station on a very shiny steam train to Winchcombe to have a BBQ at the Keenan’s home. Before we got to the station we saw the Keenans and Worthingtons waving very hard to us from the special look-out in the garden.

When we arrived at Winchcombe station the children had fun playing with a selection of teddy bears dotted around, as this was a Teddy Bear Special Tuesday which the volunteer railway staff put on during the holidays. Further along the platform we found a railway carriage with push-button toy trains to play with, and so this was another fun thing for them to try out.

Then we walked along the road, and on seeing the balloon on the gate post the children then rushed up the drive to see what was around the corner.

It didn’t take them long to start playing football or jumping up and down on the trampoline while the chefs started cooking the food.

It didn’t take them very long either to clear their plates and enjoy the ice cream cornets with strawberries. After this they were led on an expedition to pick blackberries, and you can imagine the colour of their hands and some faces when they returned. All too soon it was time to go back to the station for the return journey. Once again we were waved on our way by Peter and Janet, Andrew and Gill, to whom our very grateful thanks for their BBQ skills and the generous welcome

they gave to the Young Carers.

This group of young children miss out on a normal life due to their family circumstances, and this one day gives them a chance to have a fun day out with other children who have similar problems.

I would like to thank Peter and Pat, Peter and Janet, and Andrew and Gill for their very good natured help with this occasion, and the Club for funding this special day, it is money very well spent.


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