Fun Evening & BBQ with Interactors

Thu 8th June 2017 at 18.00 - 22.30

Fun Evening & BBQ with Interactors


As an antidote to the serious business of election day, the Bridge of Allan and Dunblane Rotary Club joined with the Interactors (junior Rotarians) from the Queen Victoria School in Dunblane for a night of fun and games.  Organised by the Clubs Director of Fun, Rod Jones, the plan had been to have games on the lawn at the Westlands Hotel.  However, the weather gods had other plans for that evening, supplying a sequence of showers which put paid to any outdoor activity.  Nonetheless, the ever-resourceful Rod was not daunted: he set about arranging a series of games and challenges to be played in the hotel function suite.  Similarly, the hotel was able to display flexibility, providing an indoor alternative to the planned barbecue.

Mixed teams of Rotarians and Interactors battled against each other in a range of games which provided challenges and a great deal of laughter as skittles failed to tumble, and landing quoits on the pegs proved more difficult than expected.  A spectacular finale was provided by a competition to see whose ability to create a paper aeroplane would  result in the longest distance travelled.  To much amusement some even managed a negative distance, circling behind the launchpoint. The winners, however, showed just what can be achieved from a sheet of paper.

Overall, the evening was a great success, demonstrating again the spirit of fun which on this occasion spanned an age range of more than seventy years.  To the young in heart fun unites.  Similarly, in the following weeks at the Club’s Am-Am, the Doune and Dunblane Show, and the Bridge of Allan Games, Rotarians will work together – as at the Dunblane Fling – to raise money for local charities.  And, again, the work involved at these events will be undertaken with the same enthusiasm, goodwill and laughter. 

Thanks to Peter and Paddy for the pics and text, Looks like visitors Sally and Kevin Till enjoyed the night too.