Revoe-Lution Community Choir

Blackpool Palatine Support a local cause

The Revoe-Lution Community Choir is a multi award winning choir based in one of the most deprived areas of Blackpool.

We have been selected to go to Manchester to do some filming for Gareth Malone's new TV series "The Choir" but unfortunately getting 16 eldely people to Manchester is very costly and we would hate for this amazing oppourtunity to go to waste because of money issues.  

Blackpool gets a lot of negative press and this is our chance to show that its not all doom and gloom by the sea, Great things happen here and The Revoe-Lution Community Choir is just one of them. This is an oppourtunity to show the rest of the nation the Blackpool spirit, We might not have much but we all band together and help those who have even less, And that is the foundation our Choir is built on.

Blackpool Palatine are pleased to support The Revoe-Lution Community Choir