Mobility Scooters and Calverley in Bloom

Mobility Scooters help raise funds for Calverley in Bloom

Mobility Scooter ready for re-sale

The Rotary Club of Calverley recently received 3 Mobility Scooters with a request to renovate and spruce them up to sell, then donate the proceeds to the " Calverley in Bloom " funds. This is to help with the expenses incurred in displaying beautiful floral decorations around Calverley.
Calverley Rotarians duly obliged, Rotarian Mike Wood, headed up the team who sourced and fitted new batteries to all three scooters to ensure the buyers are not disappointed with mechanical performance. Two scooters have already been sold to disabled riders. The third scooter requires further work, now ongoing, and will result in additional funds when completed and sold.
Visitors and residents of Calverley will have noticed the splendid floral displays throughout the village which resulted in A GOLD AWARD FOR THE VILLAGE and several individual awards for various garden winners who enthusiastically became involved in the competition.
Congratulations to all concerned in this venture ensuring that Calverley continues to be a spectacular exhibitor of beautiful floral displays and hopefully gain further awards next year.

2 Completed and sold