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RIBI Service News - Rotary Club of Oxford Isis

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RIBI Service News

Sun 24th February 2013 - Sat 30th March 2013

Service news update from RIBI



Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland


Welcome to the February 2013 Service News, linking you to news, resources and information from all of RIBI's Service Committees. It is emailed, monthly, to all 35,000+ members whose email addresses are on the RI database. If Club Secretaries are aware of members with an email address, but not on the RI database, please forward to them (and, ideally, add their details to the database). Service News editions are archived on the RIBI website, in the Updates area.

If you cannot read this email properly (due to your email settings), click on this link and a web page showing the email as intended will open.

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Watch 'An Audience with the Presidents', live tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 23rd February) from 2pm on the RIBI website here (no registration required). A fabulous opportunity to hear from incoming RI President Ron Burton and incoming RIBI President Nan McCreadie from the comfort of your own home.

Watch and listen to both incoming Presidents, as well as a panel including RIBI President John Minhinick, RI Director Elect Mike Webb and RIBI Board Designate Chairman Paul Edwards.

You can also submit questions to the panel in one of two ways during the webcast:

  • simply email your question(s) to after 2.00pm on Saturday
  • or tweet your question with the hash tag #RIBIAudience

(Please note, due to the volume of questions, it may not be possible to include all questions).

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Latest news from the International Service committee can be found in the February Newsletter, which is now available on the website. This issue includes: