Bikes for Africa

The Rotary Club is collecting old bikes and shipping them to Africa to help secondary school students to get to school. Click on the logo or link above to learn more.

Many African children live in remote communities, a long way from their nearest school. For many the only way to school is to walk there and back in the searing heat. Their trek on foot to get an education is a daily marathon.

Having a bike makes a world of difference. Not just for the children, but for their families and communities too. Bikes4Africa refurbishes donated bikes and ships them to African schools, where they enable children to start the school day alert instead of exhausted, stay safe by going home from school in daylight, and also attain higher academic achievements.

What YOU can do

DONATE ANY OLD BIKES. They will change the lives of children in Africa by helping them get to school. You might also please consider a small donation to help us with their refurbishment and shipment,

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