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Drink a Cuppa in a good cause. We are collecting Yorkshire Tea Barcodes to support The Wheelchair Foundation.
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Our Activity in 2016-17

In August we held a " Posh Puddings" event, which was a bit of fun and raised over £500 for The Wheelchair Foundation UK. During the year we also continued to collect Yorkshire Tea Bar Codes.  By the end of the year our efforts have been able to fund 14 Wheelchairs through the scheme.

In October we organised a very successful Kids Aloud Concert, involving the local primary schools.  This enabled the Club to send £4,100 to support two schemes in Nepal to help the victims of the recent earthquakes.  These were a replacement Water Supply in one of the affected villages, and also support to a scheme to encourage farming of goats in one of the affected valleys.

In April we organised another Indian Cultural Event which raised further funds for the SWAYAMSIDDH School in Aurangabad.

During the year members of the Club were pleased to be able to visit the school as part of a trip to India. With the help of a District Grant of £1,000, the Club was able to make it's first donation to the School of £3,128 to pay for the cost of installing some solar panels. These were needed because of the frequent electricity supply failures on the campus, and will provide power for their essential equipment. As well as the panels, the grant has paid for the necessary infrastructure, and the battery backed inverters.  The scheme was completed in June 2017.

Our Activity in 2015-16

Our main initiative in 2015-16 was to raise funds for a charity - The Wheelchair Foundation UK - that provides wheelchairs to disabled children and adults in a number of countries worldwide.  We are doing this by supporting a scheme being run in conjunction with Taylors of Harrogate where they exchange the barcodes collected from packets of their Yorkshire Tea brand for funding to the Charity.  As well as members collecting their own barcodes at home and from friends and family, we are pleased that a number of businesses in the town that run cafes using Yorkshire Tea have been happy to support the collection.

Further information about the charity can be found at:

Our initial collection, together with a cash donation from the Club has meant that 3 wheelchairs have been purchased for the scheme. Our collection is ongoing. If you would like to assist us in the project please contact Sue Adsett, through the website link on this page, to arrange for the handover of your barcodes.  So get drinking, and remember to save the barcode! 

We were happy to welcome Rotarian Milton Frary, who runs the charity,  to one of our meetings in March 2016, at which we learnt more about the charity, were able to see one of the wheelchairs of the type made especially for the scheme, and more importantly hand over a large bag of bar-codes which went a long way to meeting the initial target of 2 wheelchairs. We made up the balance from other fundraising monies.

In September 2015 we showcased the project by setting up a stall at the talk by Jay Rayner at the Forum.

Our Activities in Previous Years

Please read the related pages on the website for full details of our recent initiatives.

Most recently, in 2014-15, we ran two successful fundraisers.

The first on a Eurovision theme raised money for a charity in Moldova supporting vulnerable young people. 

Our second project for the year was to support a school for children with special needs in India.  We held a very successful fundraising night for this project in April 2015, at which around £2,500 was raised. The evening programme included a tasty Indian meal and entertainment including Indian classical & folk dances. 

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