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Polio Awareness: International food tasting

Polio awareness fund raising event with tasting of food from around the world. Harry Gration hosting the event. At St Augustine's school.


Community Fair annual event in August

30 - 40 local causes display their wares and raise funds for their charity at tables organised by the Club in the pedestrian precinct, at this annual event in August.


Modern pentathlon - talk by Ann Marshall. At the Downe Arms

Talk by Ann Marshall District development manager and ETP Manager Pentathlon GB.


Ghana - Upper West Region

The long dry season in the Upper West Region of Ghana results in only a short growing season for farmers, growing yam, maize and millet. A low tech tractor is now available to speed ploughing and ground preparation.


Club affairs

How we manage ourselves etc - Decorations at 40th anniversary celebrations at the Downe Arms


​Safe Water for Six Communities in Ghana

In rural south east Ghana where the climate is tropical, hot and humid, there is an abundance of water, hardly any of which is safe.


About us

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Help is at hand!              July 2019 


Scarborough Cavaliers Rotary 


Does your charity have a pet project that needs support?? 

Scarborough Cavaliers Rotary are on the lookout for a local cause that could do with a helping hand, perhaps to get it off the ground  maybe some funding, or extra manpower or specialist expertise. 

We are looking to gather outline information from local Charites about possible projects by 1st July 2019.  We will get to understand a little more about the potential projects during July 2019 and invite selected ones to a brief informal presentation at the end of July, with a view to working with you during the year July 2019 to June 2020. 

We do not need an overbearing amount of paperwork – for now let us know your Charity name/details; contact name – including telephone and email; project title/name (if known) and target beneficiaries.  

Just register a potential interest on behalf of your charity and we will let you have full details of how to apply in the Spring : Communications@ScarboroughCavaliers.Rotary1040.org


Scarborough Pupil Referral unit : Talk by George McIntyre 24 March 2019 brief summary

The unit in Scarborough is one of many scattered throughout the Country
Their objective is provide, and support the provision of education for pupils who have difficulties fitting in to mainstream education system without specialised support.

Often the children – typically age from 11 to 16 – come from disadvantaged or dysfunctional families. 

The school has 50 pupils at any one time (although originally planned for 30!).

At the same time as directly providing schooling; services are provided to help mainstream schools support in helping ‘difficult’ pupils.

The objectives in Scarborough are nicely summed up by Headteacher Elaine  Mallen

 “our dedicated staff and I are committed to making a difference for pupils who are, for a variety of reasons, currently unable to access main stream education.
We work hard to offer the best service to young people, families and schools.  Our small, calm and welcoming environment allows young people to feel safe and valued and we support individual needs through a personalised and flexible provision.  Our aim is to enable our pupils to gain the skills and confidence that will allow them to become more successful within education and to maximise their prospects in later life”

Whilst , in general, Referral units have a mixed reputation, Scarborough Pupil Referral Service sets an example of a Service, acknowledged by outside bodies as providing services which fulfil and exceed their objectives. They demonstrate that their pupils are young people who manifest measurable success and achievement in ways that are often way beyond perceived expectation.

It is proposed that Scarborough Cavaliers commit to working with and supporting the services continued successful efforts.
For more information SEE :

Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource - update by Claire Robinson

Claire Robinson gave an interesting and enlightening talk about the very broad range of services offered by the Scarborough and Ryedale Carers Resource.

She was particularly keen that we spread the word about the availability of the “Home from Hospital” service which has been introduced recently. 

This helps people coming out of hospital (where everything is done for you) to an environment where even if you are lucky enough to have a carer much more self sufficiency is needed.

The Carers Resource will help to bridge the gap and act as a gateway to other practical services which may be useful – to the carer and the cared for. 

 Spirit of Yorkshire, Hunmanby, North Yorkshire

Club members, guests and hangers on were expertly conducted through the process of producing a fine single malt whiskey at the Spirit of Yorkshire distillery, Hunmanby on 10 April, a fine balmy evening.   The Spirit’s target is to produce, from locally grown barley and from local spring water, Yorkshire’s first single malt. The distillate can truly be called whiskey once it has lain undisturbed in barrels for three years; a date now fast approaching.  Towards the end of the tour we were given the opportunity to sample the work in progress at several stages of its maturity.  Immediate comments indicated a wide range of opinion; useful for paint brushes says P, an acquired taste says PP, coming along nicely says the Caledonian duo, indeed, a semblance of the true stuff.

Next, being fortified, it was onward and upward to the Piebald Inn along Sands Lane to gorge on our personal selection from the list of 51 pie recipes, all made on the premises. Generous servings left us all unable to tackle a desert. 
You can judge the success of one of our away days by the noise through dinner; it was deafening.  Well done Tom and thanks for organising all this.

Report by John Walker, club member.

Members could not believe how small the samples were!

Rotary in a nutshell - the "in the lift" description & FAQ's

The Rotary network extends all over the world with headquarters in Chicago.  In the UK all clubs are under the umbrella of Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI), and are grouped into geographical districts. Rotary Club of Scarborough Cavaliers is within district 1040 covering Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire and having over 100 clubs and 3,000 members.

A shared mantra is the aim of "Service above Self". In practice this means individual clubs working to contribute to their local community often supporting local causes financially or 'in kind' with practical help, for example, acting as a trustee. 

Influence can be spread farther afield by working in co-operation with othe clubs in the same geographical district and indeed on an international scale by contributing towards worldwide projects (led by Rotary Foundation) - perhaps the most well known of these is the campaign to eradicate polio. Rotary have been a leader of this aim for many years.

Our major fund raising (and fun) events are Community Fair, Dragon Boat races and (recently) tombola/games at the CAMRA Real Ale Festival. Other events (focussing on youth and in liaison with other local Clubs) include Youth Speaks, Technology tournament and Young Chef. Every August we orgaise Commu nity Fair - taking over the pedestrian precinct in Scarborough son tha local charities can showcase their work - and often raise some money as well.

Our club meets weekly at the Downe Arms in an informal and welcoming atmosphere with good fun, fellowship and food

Please follow our twitterings: (wip!)

Please look at our Facebook page and click the "LIKE" link below:- 


Introduction: Scarborough Cavaliers - What do they do? 

Frequently asked questions about Rotary - (accurate for this club but may not apply to other nearby clubs)

Are there induction 'rituals'?

Never have been never will be. A new member is formally introduced to the Club and says a few words if they wish. All new members are just asked to give a short talk about their work &/or hobby interests, at an agreed date.

Can ladies join?

Very welcome indeed at our Club, although there are still more men than ladies.

Do I have to pay to be member?

Yes. There is an annual subscription plus an optional donation to the Rotary Foundation (funding larger international projects). Plus we need to pay the Downe Arms for feeding us !!

Do you need to come every week?

No. Come when you can and contribute when you come.

How do I find out more?

Contact the Secretary, or another member and come along to a couple of meetings as a visitor; then give us the nod if you want to find out more.

How many members are there?


What is the dress code?

'Smart casual' - interpreted by menfolk as jacket but not necessarily tie.

When do you meet?

Weekly on a Wednesday

Where is it?

Usually - Downe Arms, A170 @ Wykeham.

Happening soon...

Meetings and events happening soon

Wednesday 19th June 19.00

Social evening at Raven Hall

Social evening - see image of menu in DETAILS. (Sorry it is sideways on!!). Reception Chris C & VVR Grace: Roger Vote of thanks & Media report: Tom Potter


Friday 21st June 11.30 - 22.00 Saturday 22nd June

Gin Festival - two days at the Spa

120 Varieties to choose from !! Friday and Saturday at the Spa

Wednesday 26th June 19.00

Sawdon Golf Classic - @ Snainton (!)

Golf for non golfers @ Snainton. Then Downe Arms. Reception Rhien C & Paulde V Grace: Joan Hodgson Vote of thanks & Media report: John Bradley

Saturday 29th June 10.00

Hull Fish Trail


Tuesday 2nd July 19.00

Incoming Presidents Dinner

Past Presidents & partners host the incoming President & partner and wish them well on their year of office.

Wednesday 3rd July 19.00

Presidential Handover

Tony S hands over to Tony G Reception: Alan & Richard Creasy Grace & host: Keith Dobbie .

Wednesday 10th July 19.00

Details in due course

Reception: Eric Morgan & George McIntyre Grace & Host Kavita V Vote of thanks & Media report: Mark Shields

Wednesday 17th July 19.00

Social evening at Cedar Barn

Social meal and talk at Cedar Barn (pre-order £19 tbc).

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