The Rotary Club of Garstang and Over Wyre


It is amazing to see the changes in the Garstang & Over Wyre area over the 50 years that Rotary has served in this area of Lancashire. The Club was born out of a need to bring together community minded men and women.  This need has not changed and we still get together socially on a regular basis. But while we might spend time “chewing the fat” we are always looking for the best ideas to help our community. We continue to create the “Rotary Effect” by taking action. Seeing the results of our efforts is key to the satisfaction of being a Rotarian.

We help young an old, at home and abroad. The advantage of being a Rotarian is that you are part of an international network of like-minded individuals. Rotarians are trusted to deliver cash and aid to where it is most needed. Internationally we have our own Foundation so we can share funds to support many diverse projects.  For emergencies there is the Rotary Aquabox scheme (

Rotary’s biggest global project has been to raise funds and be an active part of the immunisation days to eradicate polio, which used to be called “Infantile Paralysis, literally, from the face of the earth. But we now are on the cusp of history with fewer than 100 cases of the childhood crippling disease.

If you want to be part of history even in a small way contact us. It’s just a click away at the top of this page.


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The 200 Club draw and change of Officers Dinner at Garstang Country Hotel & Golf Club. Guests welcome
Half yearly 200 Club Dinner and Draw. Rotarians' partners and 200 Club members invited.
1000 ducks down the River Wyre

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Garstang Country Hotel & Golf Club, Bowgreave Drive,Garstang We meet on Wednesdays at 1900 for 1930 Garstang Country Hotel & Golf Club, Bowgreave Drive,Garstang PR3 1YE tel: 01995 600100

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