Sand Dams

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What are Sand Dams?

Sand Dams are the most cost-effective form of rainwater harvesting and provide communities with a clean, local and reliable source of water – even during periods of drought.

Sand Dams store up to 40 million litres of water and provide a year-round supply for up to 1,000 people – with virtually zero operation and maintenance costs.  Sand Dams store water under sand, protecting it from contamination, evaporation and parasites – cleaner water that lasts longer.

Sand Dams save people up to 12 hours a day because they provide water to families an average of only 30 minutes from home.  Communities are then able to invest this time in protecting their land from erosion and investing in climate smart agriculture.
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Rotary District 1010 sponsors the building of Sand Dams.

Presentation - 1010 Assembly 2018 here 

Sand Dams update from John Glascodine

We have now received the final Report on Global Grant 4 which includes details of the Kumina Wauni Sand Dam Extension including a picture of the Plaque recognising the contributions of the Rotary Clubs of Callander, Kinross, North Fife, Pitlochry and St Andrews. The extension will now provide enough water to provide for the village of 660 people including scope for irrigation of their developing agriculture. This confirms that things are moving on track, albeit at a slower pace than originally hoped. There are now 60 Dams Funded by the multi District Group and as well as considerable need and scope in Kenya, opportunities are being explored in India, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Accordingly, the £12,700 of contributions in the District 1010 account, with a District Foundation Grant, can be fed into Global Grant 5 application to further multiply the value of contributions from Clubs in our District.

Thank-you to all Clubs who have contributed to this very worthwhile cause.

To read the full Report, click here and to see a blown up picture of the Plaque recognising our Clubs, click here …..

Please contact John Glascodine with any questions.