At a joint Wine & Cheese party over 30 members or spouses joined Rotaract members to hear a presentation on Ebola by Ezekiel Conteh, who is from Sierra Leone. John Black also updated on his son's work on Ebola for the World Health Organisation.

Ezekiel told how people are dying of hunger and minor diseases because they are quarentined in their houses because of Ebola.  Farmers have not been able to harvest their crops which will lead to famine in the future.

Many of the best qualified doctors have died which will have long term effects on the health care in Sierra Leone.

John Black illustrated many of the things that Ezekiel had talked about.

Assistant Governor of District 1010 passed on a Presidential Citation to the Rotaract Club from Rotary International and congratulated them on all the activities the get involved in.

Subsequently the Club Council decided to donate

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