Abandoned Girls in India

Rotaract selected St Andrews students, Paula Akyol and Tania Savant taught in a school for disadvantaged girls in a remote part of India near in summer 2018. They gave a presentation to the Club on their life changing experience and future ways of helping

Of the 11 million abandoned children in India 90% are girls. Girls in India disproportionately experience the abuses of abandonment, infanticide and sex - selective abortion.

What the Kanya Gurukul school in rural India, supported by former Rotaract President Keertna's granfather, tries to do is to stand against this terrifying statistic, by educating and taking care of some 70 girls from the age of 5 to 18.  The school helps them develop and grow in confidence, and accomplishes that with just two "teachers" who devote their hearts and souls to the young girls.

What they desperately need is our support and attention to improve their education with computers and teaching software, so that a system can be set in place where the "computer becomes the teacher" and older pupils can teach the younger pupils in a monitorial system.  This will give the girls the education they need to survive once they leave the confines of the school. 

This is why the Rotaract Club is sending 2 students form St Andrews to teach and improve the English speaking and IT skills of the girls over 4 week periods in the summer.

Rotaract St Andrews, therefore, asks for the attention of all our friends and simply those not indifferent to the fates of these girl, to spread the word and donate as much as you deem appropriate to this cause!  We and the girls of the school will be indefinitely grateful for your contribution.



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