Rotary Means Variety

Richmond Rotary Welcomes Two New Members

Rotary Means Variety

The fact that Rotary clubs encourage people from all walks of life to join them is well known. This point was illustrated superbly this week when Richmond Rotary welcomed two new members.

Geoff Long has lived in Richmond for over 25 years but his work, managing motor dealerships for a large group, has meant working away a good deal. As a result, he knows relatively few people in the town and Geoff described his decision to join Rotary as ‘a win, win for me!’

‘Not only does Rotary give me a chance to meet people from this beautiful area but at the same time through assisting the good work of Richmond Rotary I can put something back into the community’ Geoff said.

Lindsay Kitching in contrast to Geoff has a long history of commitment to Rotary

having joined the Rotary Club of Ilkley more than ten years ago. Lindsay said that she decided to join Rotary after hearing about the incredible work done by ordinary men and women, who just happened to be Rotarians, throughout the UK and internationally. 

‘I wanted to be a part of this wonderful organisation and make my small contribution pay.  I've now moved to live in Richmond and am very much looking forward to becoming involved in the community and in the Rotary Club that serves the town’ Lindsay said.

Richmond Rotary Club’s President Chris Kirby welcomed the two new members at a meeting this week, saying: ‘I feel sure that Geoff and Lindsay will very quickly enjoy their membership of our Rotary club. We really try to make a positive contribution to our local communities, enjoying a lot of fun and fellowship as we do. It is always a great pleasure to welcome new members.’