4D Immersive Sensory Room for Walton Hall Academy

Walton Hall Academy (WHA) is working to fundraise to provide our pupils with a 4D Immersive Sensory Room and is supported in this activity by the Rotary Club of Eccleshall Mercia.

The ademy wishes pupils to have regular access to a 4D sensory environment which will benefit both their Alearning and their quality of life and believe that the 4D Sensory Room will provide our children with the best opportunities to enhance the learning we are working to provide.
This will enable our pupils to develop and refine their basic senses within a safe environment. Often children with autism, Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy and other physical disabilities and many other conditions struggle with processing these stimuli. Equipment in the sensory room can encourage a gentle change in how the children perceive their own situation. A lower level of stress enables to youngsters to learn new things with greater ease.

Our students come from as far afield as Uttoxeter, Stone, Market Drayton, Stafford, Cannock as well as more locally. Children from such a wide area will experience the benefits from the most up to date ways of learning. The 4D Sensory Room will have the latest technology and will be an amazing tool to have in our special school. It is a mind blowing interactive environment. Our lessons in there would enable pupils to use their preferred learning styles. It can be as stimulating or relaxing as we choose to make it at any given time. Lessons in there could have the children down a Victorian Street or inside a body for a science topic or they could be under the sea looking at sea life. The options are endless! What an amazing opportunity for these youngsters to have at their school.

We are in the very fortunate position of having the opportunity to support all our youngsters on their learning journey to adulthood. All our students at Walton Hall have learning difficulties/differences. Each of these children deserves to have the very best chance of finding the best way for them to learn new things. We teach not just academic topics but a large part of the pupils’ day is finding out what helps them individually and how others can be supported and collaborated with too. All too often youngsters with special needs live in a highly stressed state and find themselves in very isolating circumstances.

We know from other schools that a 4D sensory space can have a really positive impact on the behaviour within the school. The length of time a pupil can focus will increase and children will have more active learning time. Traditional teaching and learning is all too often a passive activity. Our children need to be given time to process the information and will learn so much better when their stress level is lowered and the learning is very visual and tactile and the level of auditory input can be optimised. The opportunity to spend time in a 4D sensory room can have a positive impact on the level of sensory alertness – be it hyper or under sensitive - and this can then enable the student to be in a much better state of readiness for both learning and communication. Concentration times will be improved and this benefits all.

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