Visitors Welcome

We always enjoy the visits made to our Club, by Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike.

Visitors to our Club

Nova Fisher, of the Rotary Club of Exeter Southernhay, is a regular visitor to the Club when she ventures north to the wilds of Hertfordshire.

We were pleased to meet Kevin Exley, the author of Berko Loop, a book about a 30 mile walk/ride round our neighbouring town of Berkhamsted.

We enjoyed meeting three guests from the Rotary Club of Dunstable Downs who were out on a Scatter evening.  This joint arrangement is one that should be continued into the future.

Roy Wood visited the Club and gave a stimulating illustrated talk about Hemel Hempstead in Postcards

Keith Hoffmeister gave us an insight into the effects that HS2 will have on certain areas of the Chilterns.

Andrea Clarke showed that the devotion she shows to PlaySkill justifies the award of MBE