The Visit to Royal Holloway College

Tue 8th August 2017

Club members, partners and friends visit this unique college

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The Club's Visit to Royal Holloway College

In early August a group of Rotarians, partners and their friends enjoyed a special trip to this College in Egham, Surry, which is a part of London University.
The guide, Richard,  started the tour by explained how this amazing building was funded and constructed back in the reign of Queen Victoria.
They then visited the very ornate Chapel, the boardroom, the dining room, the north and south quadrangles and ended in the picture gallery where they had lunch while enjoying the wonderful paintings on display.
Professor Keith Mayes, one of the heads of departments at the college and the inspiration behind the visit,  joined them for lunch and generously treated them to wine to compliment the food.

An excellent day out enjoyed by all.