Duck Race 2018

The Carnival Day Duck Race will be on Saturday 14 July 2018. The ducks enter the River Brain after the Carnival procession has passed along Bridge Street about 2 PM.

The first duck to arrive at the wining line was fished out and its number recorded. The next three ducks won their

EVERY YEAR we have a Duck Race and ticket sales provides funds to support our Dictionaries for Every Local Junior School Pupil programme.
The 8th July 2017 was a fine sunny day and just right for the Witham Carnival and the Rotary Club Annual Duck Race.  The usual race course, along the River Brain from near the bowling green and under the Bridge Street bridge to the winning line, was well known to many who had bought a ticket for a numbered duck in the hope of wining  a prize.  As soon as the Carnival Procession had crossed the bridge, the ducks were tossed into the river and a few minutes later they began to appear under the Bridge Street bridge as they approached the  Finish.  Note one red duck - the first of a new class of duck reserved for corporate concerns in Witham who had sponsored the race with special red tickets priced many times the cost of an ordinary ticket.  The first duck of the coporate red ducks won a hamper, donated by a sponsor, for the concern. 

After the race,  the straggler ducks had to be rounded up so they could be washed and stored for next year.

The winners of the 2018 Duck Race have been informed of their good fortune

If you have not had a phone call saying you have a prize, then, sorry, your duck was a slow coach.