Fellowship Walk Sandwich

The "Time Capsule" and the Plaque

Fellowship Walk, The Time Capsule and the Plaque

Fellowship Walk

In 2005 Sandwich Town Council wrote to Kent Highways recommending that the footpath which runs in a south easterly direction from the junction of Whitefriars Meadows and the Cattle Market alongside the Guildhall Car park to the Rope Walk be named Fellowship Walk in recognition of one of the fundamental principles of Rotary which is Fellowship.

Originally, opposite to the end of Fellowship Walk, on the bank of the Butts a rose bed was planted, however the subsequent growth of the surrounding trees meant that the roses failed to flourish and the rose bed is now in the grounds of St. Peters Church.

The Time Capsule

In 2006 the Rotary Club of Sandwich celebrated its 50th anniversary. One of the events to mark this anniversary was that the club buried a time capsule alongside the footpath know as Fellowship Walk. Tony Cook, a previous Club Secretary was President and he was assisted by the President Elect David Robertson in placing the capsule. The Capsule, which is enclosed in lead contains a number of memorabilia tracing the club's history and details are lodged in the Town Archives with instructions that it be recovered in 2056.

The Plaque

In February 2007 a plaque was placed at the location of the Time Capsule this was unveiled by the then President David Robertson. the Mayor Cllr Simon Leith and Mayoress took part in the unveiling.

Recently the club decided that the mounting of the plaque was too low and afforded an attraction from certain canine residents of the town. It was removed and a more appropriate granite pillar was acquired. This has now been erected and the plaque has been remounted on the pillar.