Rotary trains future Engineers

Rotary Technology tournament on 16th March 2017

Mayor watching the competition.

Rotary trains future engineers

Once again the three Basingstoke Rotary clubs ran a Technology Tournament at BCoT last week.  This year’s task was to make a vehicle which was powered by an electric motor, and each of the three levels had to push debris along a length of guttering, with the highest level having to retrieve the debris as well.

24 teams of four students each from six schools and from QMC and BCoT spent an absorbing day on the task, and the variety of vehicles was amazing.  Most achieved the objectives, and all the students commented on how much they enjoyed being part of a team to attempt the task.  They saw the project and materials only when they arrived, so literally had to plan from scratch.  There were winners from Costello, Eggars, Sherfield schools and Queen Mary’s college, with prizes presented by the Mayor Cllr. Jane Frankum.