Tour de Yorkshire 2017

Sun 30th April 2017 at 14.05 - 16.05

Tour de Yorkshire visits Birstall

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The Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites
Tour de Yorkshire 2017 -  Birstall
Sun 30th April
Birstall Luddites, Birstall in Bloom, Birstall Chamber of Trade and local businesses combined to show Birstall at its best for the honour of being on the Stage 3 route of this years Tour de Yorkshire.
The community came together after the sad events in recent past in "The Great get together".
John Sugden with Ian Blamires led the preparations for the big day.
Ian gathering, painting (with help of PPG) and fixing the bikes around Birstall. John making the roundels
for the bike wheels,
 Jim and Mavis, John L,  and Tony helped with the pre-tour day preparations.
Ian planting all around Birstall with Tony helping fixing bunting around the shops.
Rotarians and Birstall in Bloom all preparing for the big day.
The big day arrived with fine weather, early start found Roberts decor on the stall looking very good.
Luddites stall was the control for the raffle and the collection of the Alzheimers Society charity buckets 
the collection which rotarians did all day along together with selling raffle tickets.
15:00 and the tour caravan stopped and gave out flags and other odds and ends.
15:30 the tour leaders swept through followed minutes later by the peloton.
See the videos for a better view.
Race over - the raffle was drawn and the Alzheimers Society collection was totalled up with the help of
Sue Bardsley from the Society. John passed the monies to the Alzheimers car following the tour venues.
What a brilliant day for Birstall - the race brought the whole community together with local businesses
doing a roaring tade selling food etc..
Although an overall team effort Birstall Luddites did their part doing a very good job in the successful
day in the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire.
 Below 2 Local videos showing Birstall

 Cycling Weekly - tour cylists comments
 Official Charity for the Tour - Alzheimers Society
and Tour de Yorkshire Facebook
This Tour de Yorkshire Twitter  site shows interesting info of the Tour
Tour de Yorkshire web site - Stage 3 map shows the route through Birstall

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