Grand Union Rotary Club Help Keech Hospice

Our Christmas collection for Keech Hospice

Two of our intrepid collectors
For three long days the wise men trekked across the.......... Sorry, wrong storyline, right time of year.......For three days the intrepid women and men of MK Grand Union Rotary Club braved the cold and draught of the lobby at Dobbies Garden Centre to give the generous shoppers at the store the opportunity to support Keech Hospice with donations. 

Everyone was a winner. 

The Rotarians got to dress up in silly hats and glasses (see attached photo of 'models' Jim and Lorraine Thom), the shoppers got to donate generously and Keech Hospice will receive much needed funds to the tune of just over £1000. 

Our thanks to Dobbies for allowing us to use their store and also to Rebecca Eastwick of Keech Hospice for setting up the event.