New Rotakids President for Trinity School

Millie - the new President of Trinity School, Portishead RotaKids

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'Junior Vice President, John Sleight, of Portishead Rotary Club had great pleasure in presenting the President of Trinity School, Portishead RotaKids, with her name badge for the Presidential Chain of Office.  Millie is the current President of the RotaKids Club, who are currently collecting used postage stamps and spectacles for various charities.  They will also be raising money for Sport Aid.

Shonaugh Evans, who manages the activity said 'RotaKids is the most junior section of the Rotary family and we are so proud of the commitment of the children from Trinity School.  They not only fundraise for good charity causes but also learn essential skills such as leadership and decision making which boosts confidence and self esteem'

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