Proposals 2015 - 2016

Proposals 2015 - 2016

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Steve Finch

Proposals 2015- 2016

Our team will:-

  • Continue to maintain the Rotary Garden at Whitchurch Library

  • Design, plant and maintain the quadrangle garden at Bryn Celyn school

  • Support Tongwynlais Primary school

  • Present Dictionaries4Life to pupils at Tongwynlais,Grangetown and Bryn Celyn Primary schools and at the Court school

  • Assist with reading help at both Grangetown and Bryn Celyn Primary schools

  • Organise two bucket collections in December with musical accompaniment and carol singing at Sainsburys Colchester Avenue

  • Continue support for the Paradise Run, the Huggard Centre and Northlands Salvation Army Centre with monthly donations of food, clothing and household essentials

  • Continue to support the Whitchurch Festival and Fete and attend Festival meetings

  • Provide support to RC Cardiff St. Davids with their Christmas Winter Wonderland at Pugh's Garden Centre

  • Investigate supporting the re-introduction of street plant displays in Whitchurch

  • Review requests for support from worthy causes and individuals and make recommendations accordingly