Seat of Knowledge Quiz - Annual quiz for infamous Seat of Knowledge trophy

Mon 24th February 2014 at 19.15 - 19.15

Seat of Knowlege Quiz held at Healds Hall

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Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites
On Monday 24th Feb the club hosted the Seat of Knowledge Quiz at Healds Hall attended this year by 86 Rotarian's from local Inner 9 clubs and from Skipton Rotary Club.
The quiz this year was organised by Batley Rotary Club, the Club President Hilary Schreiner and Secretary Patricia Taylor PHF were the Quiz masters with Keith assisting as score man.
After the meal Hilary and Patricia conducted the quiz and the winners this year were team
"Invisible Rotarian's" ladies an amalgamation of Dewsbury and Ossett Clubs.

President Bill seen below awarding the seat of Knowledge.
(Next years Quiz is to be organised by Ossett Rotary Club selected by a ballot )
President Bill awarding the Seat of Knowledge.
President Bill with Quiz masters Batley Rotarians right Secretary Patricia Taylor with
Batley President Hilary Schreiner.
Keith scoring the Quiz
Quiz teams Healds Hall