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What is Rotary?

The oldest service organisation in the world

Rotary is an international service organisation with clearly defined aims and programmes, but, there is no such thing as a typical Rotary member, nor a typical club. Each one of our 1,850 Rotary clubs in Britain and Ireland has its own unique personality. Clubs meet on different days of the week, at different times of the day - morning, lunchtime and in the evenings - and are involved in a vast range of different projects and activities.

Members are men and women from all walks of life, of all ages from 18 upwards, with a host of different talents and professional skills. Some joined Rotary for the social life, some for business networking opportunities, and others for the chance to give something back to their communities. 

Rotary runs countless humanitarian projects both locally, nationally and internationally, and also partners with many charities worldwide. To find out more, click here

We organise community projects that address many of today's most critical issues, such as violence, drug abuse, health, hunger, the environment, and illiteracy. Rotary clubs determine service projects based on local needs.

Members are enthusiastically committed to the drive to wipe out polio from the world. Since Rotary became involved in polio eradication in 1985, the number of reported polio cases has fallen from 350,000 a year to 1,000; 125 endemic countries have been reduced to just 4 - Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan; and two billion children have been protected from the disease.

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Why should I join Rotary?

The enormous sense of achievement you'll experience in helping your local community and other communities around the world will be matched only by the fun you'll have doing it.

As a large and diverse organisation, Rotary provides individuals with the power to help those in need. There are countless opportunities to make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.

In an increasingly complex world, Rotary maintains a simple philosophy - make friends in your own community and throughout the world.
Giving back to the community
Through Rotary, service to local and overseas communities is well organised and rewarding. If you like helping others, here is your chance to do something worthwhile and make a real difference. 
Business development
Networking opportunities are endless. Rotary consists of a cross-section from every business community and its members come from all walks of life. Rotarians help each other and collectively help others.
Personal growth and development
Membership of Rotary develops leadership, public speaking, social, business, personal and vocational skills as well as improving cultural awareness.
Continued learning
Clubs organise programmes and weekly meetings to keep members informed about what is going on in the community, the country, and the world. Each meeting provides an opportunity to listen to different speakers on a variety of current topics.
Travel opportunities
Every Rotarian is welcome - even encouraged - to attend any of the 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical regions. This bond creates an instant friendship wherever you are in the world. Many a Rotarian in need of a local doctor, lawyer, hotel, dentist, or other expertise while travelling has found assistance through Rotary.

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