International Service - aid overseas

International Service - Aid overseas

The Rotary Club of Ashby-de-la-Zouch is part of Rotary International which operates in all but a few countries of the world.  By channelling resources through the Rotary movement we can be sure that overseas aid is reaching its targets.

Disaster Aid

There are a number of specific projects which have been achieving success in disasters which were founded, and continue to be funded, by Rotary.  When disaster strikes the immediate need is for shelter and clean water.  Rotary fulfils both of these objectives by sending in Aquaboxes, which are a plastic water tank with a filtration system, and Shelterboxes, which are ten person tents complete with sleeping bags and essential cooking equipment.  In recent earthquakes and flooding, Rotary has been able to get this early aid into where it is needed within 72 hours.

The Eradication of Polio

Since the 1980s Rotary has been working with other agencies to rid the world of polio, by funding and providing personnel for the imunisation of every child in the world.  The task is nearly complete, but we cannot let up until the world is completely clear of the disease.  Rotary has received the promise of $200 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  - providing we can match it!  This is a programme over three years and in the first year, we got half way there.  The Ashby Rotary Club has used some of the money raised in our local fundraising efforts to put towards this goal.

International Understanding

Rotary sponsors many young people to continue their education  in another country as Ambassadorial Scholars in an endeavour to foster international understanding.  Many of today's leaders have benefitted by this Rotary programme since 1947 with some 40,000 young adults from 69 countries having been sponsored to study in 64 receiving countries.

The Ashby-de-la-Zouch Club has friendship arrangements in both France and Germany, with long standing links with the Rotary Club of Pithiviers in France, Ashby's official twin town and with Melle-Wittlage in the Lower-Saxony region of Germany. Rotarians have developed friendships with members of these clubs and regular visits are made in both directions.

Members of Rotary are entitled to visit any Rotary Club in the world and the Ashby Club is often visited by Rotarians from overseas and our members have made friendships in many countries.