Children's Fun Run 2010

Sat 13th March 2010

Fun Run organised by the Misbourne Matins Youth Committee at Thorpe House School field at 10:00 on 13th March 2010

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The Annual Misourne Matins' Fun Run was held at the Thorpe House playing field on Saturday 13th March. The object of the event is to encourage the children from local junior schools to participate in healthy exercise and to have fun doing it. 183 children participated in four races, the results were as follows:

Year 3 - 52 runners - 1.2Km

1st Boy: Dominic McDougall - Thorpe House - 4minutes 43 seconds

2nd Boy:James Perks - Chalfont St Peter School - 4m 46s

1st Girl: Jessica Henning - Robertswood School - 5m 33s

2nd Girl: Emilie Ratcliffe - Chalfont St Peter School - 5m 47s

Year 4 - 63 runners - 1.2Km

1st Boy: Tommy Taylor - Chalfont St Peter - 4m 23s

2nd Boy: Mark McGuinness - St Joseph's School - 4m 43s

1st Girl: Jessica Astbury - Chalfont St Peter - 5m 12s

2ns Girl: Emma Buttivant - Chalfont St Peter - 5m 25s

Year 5 - 34 runners - 1.8Km

1st Boy: Sebastian Mills - Chalfont St Peter - 6m 41s

2nd Boy: William Rose - Davenies School - 6m 44s

1st Girl: Georgina Cooper - Chalfont St Peter - 7m 45s

2nd Girl: Else Eden - Chalfont St Peter - 8m 5s

Year 6 - 34 Runners - 2.4 Km

1st Boy: Sam Henning - Robertswood School - 9m 0s

2nd Boy: Jonathan Stenning - Chalfont St Peter - 9m 17s

1st Girl: Claire Buttivant - Chalfont St Peter - 9m 22s

2nd Girl: Holly Danniels - St Joseph's School - 9m 30s