A Warm Welcome to the

Duns Club


 from President Jim McDevitt

It gives me great pleasure to be President of the Rotary Club of Duns for the year 2016-17. This is my second time in the role having been given the honour 15 years previously.

My primary intention is to continue the great work of past club Presidents over the last 40 years with the focus on a mixture of projects within both the local community and further afield on the international stage.

During the 15 years between my Presidencies the club has raised over £170,000 for many good causes both on the home front and further afield.

We will continue to work on fundraising activities in the year ahead. That said the club will also look to support other local organisations with their activities and events if we can be of assistance- they only need to ask. I will strive to ensure that the club continues to build on the great links we have with the local community as this is a win/win for all. 

I have not chosen a specific charity for the coming year to benefit from funds raised at events such as our club Christmas party or president’s Night but the overall emphasis will be on youth- both here and overseas.

If anyone would like more information on Rotary then please either send an email with contact details via the website or, alternatively, speak to any existing club member.

Kind regards

                        Jim McDevitt

Hand over from President Marshall to incoming President Jim

The Presidental Team for 2016/17, from left to right:

Senior Vice President Stephen Morris

President Jim McDevitt

Junior Vice President Stephen Blakey

All charitable donations to the Rotary Club of Duns are paid into the Rotary Club of Duns Trust Fund, a Scottish Charity No. SC042502