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Matlock Rotary Club Supports The Good Food Lunch Club

In the current climate of cuts being made to public services it is particularly important to support the voluntary sector which is helping to meet people’s needs.

Many older people experience isolation at home and do not always eat well.

The Good Food Lunch Club, based in the Imperial Rooms in Matlock, provides a nutritious hot meal every Tuesday, from 12 noon, for older people or anyone a little younger with a disability.

The hot lunch is made locally, on the day, and costs £4.50.

The Good Food Lunch Club is run by Christine Smith, Sadie Packard and David Brown, together with a team of volunteers.

Both Christine and David have many years of experience in social care and have seen what social isolation can mean.

Diane Blount, the President of Matlock Rotary Club said “We are really pleased to be able to give a donation of £150 to The Good Food Lunch Club. It provides a vital service and needs the support of our community”

Diane Blount, on the right, presents a cheque for £150 to Christine Smith, accompanied by Sadie Packard.


Matlock Rotary Club Celebrates 89 Years.

It is 89 years since the Rotary Club of Matlock was formed and to celebrate the club’s “birthday” an annual charter dinner is held, and this year it was held at the New Bath Hotel, in Matlock Bath.

Ninety Rotarians and guests, including partners, enjoyed a very pleasant evening of fine dining, witty speeches and general bonhomie.

Notable guests included Cllr Brian Smith, The Mayor of Matlock, District Governor Colin Gell and the famous wildlife artist, Pollyanna Pickering.

Entertainment was provided by the Yorkshire comedian, Mike Farrell, who had the audience laughing their socks off with his wide ranging topical jokes and anecdotes.

Diane Blount, the President of Matlock Rotary Club said “It was a lovely evening which I enjoyed very much. All the speeches were thoughtful, short and amusing and I am grateful to the organiser, Rotarian Cynthia Machent. I would also like to thank all of those who attended, some who had travelled some distance to Matlock.”

President Diane and the top Table

The Mayor of Matlock and President Dian

Focus on the Crocus

For more than 20 years, Rotary International has been working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Authority on a jointly funded project to eradicate polio from the world.

The purple crocus is a symbol representing the campaign, as when children are immunised in some countries, they dip a finger into purple dye to show that they have been protected from polio.

Five years ago, Matlock Rotary Club planted hundreds of crocuses on Bailey’s Tump, off Asker Lane, Matlock, as a symbol of the Stamp Out Polio Campaign, and today the crocuses provide a colourful adornment to Bailey’s Tump.

In 1988 polio was rife in 125 countries and about 1000 children a day were paralyzed by the disease. Today, as a result of the Stamp Out Polio Campaign, polio has only occurred in two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and only three cases have been reported so far this year. Polio is nearly eradicated!

The President of Matlock Rotary Club, Diane Blount said “It is great news that polio is nearly beaten and it is now very important to have the final push to eradicate this awful disease from the face of the earth”

New Year's day saw intrepid Rotarians and partners braving the rain and joining the less intrepid for lunch at the Gate at Tansley.

'The Rotary Club of Matlock would like to express its sincere thanks to Saxton Mee Estate agents for holding a coffee morning at their offices on Causeway Lane, Matlock.

The coffee morning was held on the 15th of December and thanks to the public support £55.00 was raised which the club will add to other funds raised during the Christmas and New Year period. The funds will be used to support other charites both in the Matlock area and further afield.

Happy New Year to all our supporters.'

Matlock's marvellous mulled wine.

Since 1997, Matlock Rotary Club has been brewing mulled wine for the Matlock Victorian Christmas Market. It is made in Tansley (at the Scout Hut) to a secret recipe but includes wine (from France), cider, spices and orange juice. After all these years brewing, it is a drink of special perfection and is much enjoyed by visitors to the Victorian Christmas Market.   Matlock Rotary Club has a corner pitch in the same place every year and visitors from far and wide seek out a cup of mulled wine, before and after shopping in the market.  The regular customers and the Rotary Club helpers ensure that the stall is kept busy throughout the three days of the market.

All the monies raised, after costs, goes to local good causes and each year several thousand pounds are raised.  Matlock Rotary Club will be back again next year, enjoying being part of the Victorian Christmas Market.  Diane Blount, President of the Club said “I would like to thank the public for their great support and thank those who provided help. It has been another great success taking part in the Matlock Victorian Christmas Market and we look forward to returning in 2017.”

What do we do?

We offer our time, expertise and financial aid to deserving persons and causes locally,

nationally and internationally – we have raised and distributed £67,000 since July 2013.

Age Concern (Matlock)                                                         £750

Aquabox                                                                                £7286

Ashgate Hospice                                                                   £1608

Bakewell Community Transport                                          £500

Bloodwise (Blood Cancer Research)                                    Â£100

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice                                    £1600

Breast Cancer Now                                                              £3902

Bridge2Aid                                                                              £300

Cerebral Palsy                                                                      Â£3000

Church in the Peak                                                                Â£500

Defibrillator for Matlock                                                     Â£1800

Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation                                £200

Derbys, Leics & Rutland Air Ambulance                          £2500

Dictionary 4 Life (Junior Schools)                                      Â£1708

Dukes Barn                                                                              Â£100

Ebola Appeal                                                                           Â£500

Fairplay Children’s Disability Support                                Â£300

First Taste                                                                              £2650

Flood appeals in the UK                                                         Â£600

Greenaway Workshop                                                          £2740

Helen’s Trust                                                                           Â£150

Highfields School Student Bursaries                                   £4000

Italian Earthquake Appeal                                                     Â£500

Kenyan Educational Support (KES)                                   Â£4400

KidsAid                                                                                     Â£250

Limestone Way                                                                       Â£1717

Local Children with Problems (Seven)                                 Â£2600

Matlock Junior Football                                                          £100

Matlock Talking News                                                           Â£2250

Mercy Ships                                                                              £500

NGS Macmillan                                                                      £1250

Nepal Fishtail Project                                                              £100

Nepal Flood Appeal                                                               Â£1500

Pantomime Trip for Local Children                                        Â£67

Photo Competition for Junior Schools                                     £60

Prostate Cancer UK                                                               Â£3624

Rainbows Children’s Hospice                                               Â£1800

Riding for the Disabled (Tansley)                                         Â£1000

Rotary Club of Guildford Eye Project                                   Â£200

Rotary Foundation                                                                 Â£5063

Rotary Polio Plus                                                                    £1196

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)                          £220

SSAFA Military Charity                                                           Â£25

Sand Dams in Africa                                                              £1500

ShelterBox Disaster Relief                                                       Â£600

If you like what we do, why don’t you come and join us?

1000 towards the new Macmillan Centre in Chesterfield

The Rotary Club of Matlock has made a donation of £1000 towards the cost of the new NGS Macmillan Unit at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital.   The NGS Macmillan Unit is costing £9m and is to form an integral part of the hospital facilities provided at theChesterfield Royal Hospital.

This exciting new development will mean people with cancer in north Derbyshire will be able to receive vital treatment, care and support in one purpose-built centre providing joined up services closer to home.

The new centre has been designed to provide vital support for local people affected by cancer. Currently cancer care and treatment is provided in different locations across the hospital site, the chemotherapy unit is too small for the number of patients it sees and there is no information and support service.

The new centre will provide treatment and care in one location, twenty-one chemotherapy treatment chairs, two treatment beds and more treatment rooms, specialist information and advice, counselling, complimentary therapies, access to self help and support groups, and signposting to the voluntary and community sector forsupport.

Matlock Rotary Club is pleased to be able to support the new NGS Macmillan Unit. President of the Rotary Club, Diane Blount, said” It is wonderful to be supporting the NGS Macmillan Unit at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital as cancer affects many people in the community and this new centre will improve the level of treatment for cancer patients.”

Photo:  Rotarian Eric McCarrison, Rob Turner from Macmillan and President Diane Blount.

Matlock gets its own defibrillator

When someone has a cardiac arrest, is unconscious, not breathing normally and showing no signs of circulation, it is vital to use a defibrillator and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) as soon as possible to increase the chances of the person surviving. Portable, battery powered defibrillators provide a controlled electrical charge to a cardiac arrest patient to get the heart re-started and hopefully save the person’s life. Matlock town centre did not have a public defibrillator available on a 24 hour basis and this led to Matlock Rotary Club looking into installing a defibrillator in the town centre.

A number of locations for a defibrillator cabinet were considered and through working with Derbyshire Dales District Council the optimum location was chosen, on the outside wall of the Market Hall on Bakewell Road, facing the road. This building is owned by Derbyshire Dales District Council and they agreed to install the defibrillator cabinet and cover the ongoing electricity costs (to heat and light the cabinet) free of charge. The Rotary Club of Matlock purchased the defibrillator and cabinet, with financial assistance from Matlock Town Council. As a result, Matlock is now provided with its first publicly available defibrillator, in a central location where it is highly visible and easily found.

If anyone needs to use the defibrillator, the procedure is to ring the ambulance service (999) and ask for the key code for the cabinet. The defibrillator is fully automatic and the instructions are given audibly by the defibrillator, once it is turned on for use. An electric shock will not be given to a patient if one is not needed as the defibrillator assesses the condition of the patient. A special set of child defibrillation pads is also included for use with children under 8 years of age.

The defibrillator was officially inaugurated on 17 October by the Mayor of Matlock, Councillor Brian Smith, who said “I am really pleased to be involved with this defibrillator project in Matlock, as defibrillators save lives. The Town Council is pleased to be a partner in providing the defibrillator and I look forward to seeing more defibrillators in the Matlock area.”

Diane Blount, President of Matlock Rotary Club said “Matlock Rotary Club is grateful to Derbyshire Dales District Council and Matlock Town Council for their help with the defibrillator project. It is great to be able to work together on a lifesaving scheme which benefits the people of Matlock.”

Photo. Diane Blount, President of Matlock Rotary Club, Councillor Brian Smith, Mayor of Matlock, Peter Wigglesworth, Matlock Rotary Club

President Diane Presents cheque to Rainbow Hospice

Matlock Rotary Club Helps Hospices

The Rotary Club of Matlock raises money through fundraising activities throughout the year, such as the Matlock Victorian Market mulled wine stall and the Cromford Classic Car and Bike Show.

The monies raised are then given to local good causes and charities, as well as to national and international projects and charities, such as Aquabox and Stamp Out Polio.

Recently the club found that it was able to donate some fundraising monies and it was decided to give £1,000 to local hospices that serve the Matlock and north Derbyshire area. Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield received £1000 and the two children’s hospices, Rainbows (of Loughborough) and Bluebell Wood (of Sheffield) were also given £1000 each.

These hospices provide vital services to the local community and provide a wonderful, caring environment for their patients.

Diane Blount, President of Matlock Rotary Club said” The services provided by the hospices are truly impressive and the people who work there are blessed with kindness of spirit. It is vital that the hospices continue to receive support from the community and Matlock Rotary Club is pleased to be able to provide financial assistance”

Photo Presentation of a cheque for £1000 to Ashgate Hospice.

Left to right – Diane Blount(Matlock Rotary Club), Veronica Doxey(Ashgate Hospice), Peter Wigglesworth( Matlock Rotary Club)

Hot foot from the District Conference

What is the collective noun for Rotary Presidents?  Answers on a piece of paper attached to a carrier pigeon please!  Here is a collection of Presidents at this year's District Conference.

Bursary Award to Highfields School Student

The Rotary Club of Matlock provides a bursary scheme for students at Highfields School, Matlock, to help them with the costs of university life (or apprenticeship).This year, a bursary has been awarded to Chloe Allen, from Alfreton, who is to study marine biology at Newcastle University. As part of her studies, Chloe has to be a proficient diver and the bursary will be used to help purchase diving equipment and undertake diving lessons. Matlock Rotary Club is pleased to be helping Chloe with her studies and career path. Diane Blount, the President of Matlock Rotary Club said “It is very rewarding to help students on their way to university or college. We wish Chloe every success in her marine biology studies.”

Photo: Chloe Allen and Peter Wigglesworth from Matlock Rotary Club, Community, Youth and Vocational Committee.

Rotarian Peter Wigglesworth with Chloe


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District Governor Colin Gell visits Matlock - Members of the Wirksworth and Buxton Clubs in attendance

Report from Ashover Car Show 2016

This year's Ashover Car Show was the sixth event put on by the Rotary Clubs of Matlock, Chesterfield, Chesterfield Scarsdale and Clay Cross and this year was bigger and better than any of the previous shows. This event is now firmly established in the classic car show calendar but this year we also had vintage cars and even military vehicles on display.

Exhibiting car numbers were up to approximately 750 and we had over 2,000 spectators coming to view the  cars and enjoy the over 70 car and craft stalls.

We were very luck with the weather which was in most part dry and not too hot. Hot food was available along with ice cream and speciality coffees vans. Entertainment wa sprovided by the local Ashover Brass Band.

We also had a tent promoting Rotary International highlighting causes supported by the local Rotary groups which generated interest from non members into joining our great movement.

Check out the 'photo gallery' for more photos

Dictionaries for Life

The Rotary Club of Matlock has given 157 Usborne Children’s Illustrated Dictionaries to school leavers at seven local primary schools.

The schools - St Josephs, Darley Dale, Castle View, Matlock Bath Holy Trinity, All Saints, St Giles and Church Town - were given dictionaries for their outgoing year 6 pupils at school assemblies and in the classrooms in July, accompanied by Matlock Rotary Club representatives, who helped with the presentations.

Dictionaries For Life is a national Rotary campaign to help children with their school work. The dictionaries are lavishly illustrated and normally retail for £14.99 but Matlock Rotary Club has been able to buy them at a special discounted rate of £3.50 per copy.

Diane Blount, the President of Matlock Rotary Club said “In this digital age it is still important to enjoy looking something up in a book. These pictorial dictionaries are full of great drawings showing how things work. It is great to be able to give the school leavers something that will benefit them in life and at secondary school and it is rewarding to be able to give the school leavers something useful that will remind them of their time at the primary schools.”

Photo: Diane Blount, President of Matlock Rotary Club, with year 6 pupils at Darley Dale Primary School, who received their dictionaries on 19 July 2016.

Rotarians joined Inner Wheel members for an summer evening treasure hunt which went as high as the war memorial on High Tor

Members at the

The President Diane welcomed Rotarians and friends to her home on Sunday 17th July for a BBQ in the sunshine.  Great house, view, food (thanks to all especially BBQ experts Paul and Albert) and above all - company.

Enjoying the view

The new President of Matlock Rotary Club was inaugurated on July 4th at a meeting of the Matlock Rotary Club, held at the Temple Hotel, Matlock Bath.

Diane Blount, who is the club’s second female president, is looking forward to her presidential year. She said “I am very interested in continuing the good work of Matlock Rotary Club in the local community, particularly as regards working with schools and children, helping them to achieve their potential through the Rotary Club’s bursary scheme and participation in Rotary competitions aimed at young people.”

The new President Elect, Julian Hammond and the new Vice President, Paul Edwards, were also inaugurated at the club meeting.

Matlock Rotary Club welcomes new members and if you are interested in joining the club please visit matlockrotary.com

President of Matlock Rotary Club, Diane Blount, with Junior Vice President, Paul Edwards.

New President’s message

I feel honoured that the members of The Rotary Club of Matlock have entrusted me with the leadership of their club, a club that works hard to improve the lives of others both locally, nationally and Internationally. I hope, together, we can encourage more local people to join us in our efforts to help those in need

Cromford Car Show 2016

June the 19th saw the third year of the Cromford Classic Car & Bike Show take place at the Matlock Rugby Club on Cromford Meadows.

We were extremely lucky with the weather this year with 2 dry days before the event and the weather held until after the show closed at 4pm.

Numbers were significantly up from previous years with approximately 150 cars and almost 1,000 spectators. Three large local car clubs came along and we had an amazing variety of both classic and some vintage cars this year with even a large  American trailer cab coming and a small steam traction engine.

There was a large selection of over 30 trade stalls and larger section of children's games and entertainment including electric go karts and bungie swings.

The winning bike as judge by two of our Rotarians was a Velocette Thruxton 1967 owned by Rodney Wildsmith. The best car as judged by a vote by those attending the show was a Mini Cabriolet 1984 owned by Travina Barrett. Both winners were presented with a silver plaque suitably inscribed.

Thanks to the support of all attending the Rotary Club of Matlock raised over £3,000 which will be used to support both local and international causes.

Next year the car show will be held on Sunday the 18th of June so please put this in your diary and enjoy a fantastic day out with us.


Dove Dale Dipper Challenge - 13th Anniversary -another success

The Rotary Club of Matlock would like to thank all who participated in our 13th Annual Challenge Event and the Ramble for their support and making this a successful day.

On Sunday 2rd August, 268 walkers and runners arrived at the village Hall in Hartington to take part in the Matlock Rotary Club’s annual Dovedale Dipper 26 mile Challenge or the optional 16 mile Ramble.  The weather was perfect, cloudy but warm so the participants, who came from as far as London in the South, Mid Wales and Northumberland, were able to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

After expenses and with donations, it is hoped that the proceeds will exceed £3,000 which is to be donated to Aquabox, a Rotary based charity, set up and organised by Wirksworth Rotary Club, which provides portable water filtration systems for disaster relief around the world.

The men’s winner of the 26 miles Challenge was Stephen Shanks  who completed the course in 3 hours 32 minutes. Catherine Charlton was the fastest lady in 4 hours 27 minutes.  The winning veteran man was Darren Wilson who completed the challenge in 3 hours 57 minutes and the fastest veteran lady prize was taken by Sheila Barbour in 4 hours 41 minutes.

A full report and the results of the event and photographs are now available and can be accessed on the event page.


Free Dictionaries Distributed to Matlock Primary Schools 

Matlock Past President Peter Wigglesworth has presented free School Dictionaries to the final year students at three of the local Matlock Junior Schools.  We aim to continue this in future years