Purple Polio - Crocus Planting

Members of the Dorchester Club have planned a feature at the eastern entrance to Dorchester.

On World Polio Day 24th October 2016 the team  together with members from the Casterbridge Club plalnted 2000 crocus corms which will hopefully bloom in the spring as a reminder of the continuing work to irradicate this disese. The significance of the colour is that children given the vacine in immunizaton days worldwide have a finger marked with purple ink.

Club Meeting    

The club now meets on the 1st. Wednesday at 17.30 for one hour and on the 3rd. Wednesday for a social meeting - Please contact the Secretary for details

The usual venue is the Colliton Club although the  Social meeting is likely to be at various venues. The 1st Wednesday meeting will be a new style meeting without a meal, although coffee/tea or bar refreshments will be available at cost. Anyone wishing to eat will be able to stay on after the meeting and choose from the bar menu.

 For further information especially on the Social evening meetings contact the Club Secretary 01305 268844 and also see the Website Front page for the month ahead. 

Additional information can also be found by going to the club diary - tabs are at the foot of the front page.

What is Rotary  - An Invitation!


Rotary is changing, and an information meeting for invited people from Dorchester proved that the changes are exciting for potential new members.

 As with so many organisations, change is often resisted and the public is often misplaced. A small number of people who were specially invited gathered recently to hear all about the changes to membership options and also the amazing range of activity that clubs get involved in.

Pauline Camm described how her small Rotary team had been working to give some respite and fun to many young carers for the past few years. Young carers, as young as five, care for their adult family members unable to do the work themselves and in so doing lose a lot of their childhood. The club put in effort to secure funds and arrange to take the youngsters out for a day or weekend to somewhere they are unlikely to get to on their own, and being all together they understand the issues of their fellow carers. This effort personifies the ‘service above self’ motto of Rotary.

 Ian Dominy talked about very many activities, from the Big Draw which helps over 30 local charities and organisations, to assisting the women’s refuge, the disabled club, young leaders, the Air Ambulance, and so many more. On a larger scale the club has worked alongside other clubs locally to provide rapid help for disaster areas; Haiti, Nepal, Sri Lanka and a number of overseas crises, as well as the Somerset floods and storm damage, such as helping local fishermen get back to sea – and their livelihood.

 The largest effort globally has been the thirty year project to eradicate Polio from the planet, reducing the annual 300,000 global casualties to this year with just 52 cases, against 264 at the same time last year. Started by Rotary in 1985, and joined by the World health Organisation, (WHO), in 1988, and then UNESCO, CDC and later still the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Rotary has acted as a catalyst for this global task. And thousands of Rotarians have travelled to many parts of the world to take part in national immunisation days. In India 120 million children protected in a couple of days. Many governments donate and the total spend is around £5 billion, with a saving in cost globally when eradicated estimated to be £50 billion.

 So, who are these people, Rotarians, and how do they join?                

 That is where things have changed, with options for companies and partnerships to join, and for up to four of their senior staff/directors to become Rotarians and share their work – in turn reducing individual commitment. Associate members are welcome, and although not ‘full’ Rotarians they can join in everything and if they like it, can then join and play a full part within the club. And of course, just join.

 When this was explained every non Rotarian present asked about joining, and it is hoped that some will indeed join in one form or another.

Another invitation will be going out in February/March from all the clubs in Dorchester.


For more, information email -:         rotaryclubofdorchester@gmail.com

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We meet on Wednesdays at 17.30 (The venue being the Colliton Club Colliton Park Dorchester. ) Please see main text in front page.
DT11XJ tel: Contact Club Secretary 01305 268844

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Handover of President and meal at Wessex Royale Hotel Dorchester
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