Our speakers

In no particular order

In this year's programme there is particular focus on Youth Activites in recognition of the particular interests of the late Roger Andrews, who was due to host the 2018 conference.  

In memory of Roger Andrews who would have been District Governor this year, the morning will take the form of a Youth Showcase where you will hear from youngsters who were inspired by Roger to take part in the Rotary Youth competitions.

Our speakers in no particular order include:

  DG Stewart Cursley.

DG 1100 Joan Goldsmith.

 PDG Brian Kirkup - Youth Activities

 Daisy Hickson & Cristina Dimitrova – Young Musicians

 Amy Winzer - RYLA

 Alfie Webb - Youth Speaks

 Shakil Gabier - Young Writer

 Fiona Mahoney – Archie Project – Reminiscence Learning.

 Mrs Annie Maw - Lord Lieutenant of Somerset.

 Prue Witter - Chairman Inner Wheel D20.

 Hugo Pike - Providing Water for Life.

 Michael Fernando and Luke Simon - Nepal School & School in a Bag.

 Andrew Lee - Frome Town Rotary.

 Ken Robertshaw - Kayaking Down the Mississippi.

 Mike Webb - PRID & TRF Trustee – Rotary Foundation.

 Mark Chapman – Chief Engineer Bloodhound SSC.

 DGE Dennis Stevens.

 Penny Mallory