District Governor's Diary

The District Governor for 2018-2019 is Lesley Sulley. Her diary for the year can be found below

DG Lesley Sulley's Rotary Diary for 2018-2019

Date Rotary Club Name Type of Meeting Time
02.07.18 Bishops Stortford Official Visit Lunch
03.07.18 Brentwood President's Handover Evening
04.07.18 Colchester Centurion Official Visit Breakfast
05.07.18 Dunmow Official Visit Lunch
06.07.08 Canvey Island Satellite Handover and Member Inductions Evening
07.07.18 RIBI RIBI President's Handover Evening
09.07.18 Romford Official Visit Evening
10.07.18 Havering East Official Visit Evening
12.07.18 Grays Thurrock Official Visit Lunch
14.07.18 Colchester Centurion Rock in the Garden Evening
16.07.18 Sawbrigeworth & District Official Visit Evening
18.07.18 Thorpe Bay Official Visit Breakfast
19.07.18 Westcliff on Sea Official Visit Evening
20.07.18 Colchester Gala Evening Marks Hall Garden & Country Show Evening
24.07.18 Kelvedon & District Official Visit Evening
26.07.18 Hornchurch & Upminster Official Visit Lunch
29.07.18 Thorpe Bay Southend Raft Race All Day
30.07.18 Leigh on Sea Official Visit Evening
31.07.18 Harlow Tye Official Visit Evening
01.08.18 Hadleigh Castle Official Visit Evening
02.08.18 Corringham Thameside Official Visit Evening
06.08.18 Rochford Official Visit Lunch
08.08.18 RIBI Executive Meeting All Day
13.08.18 Rayleigh Mill Official Visit Evening
14.08.18 Stanford & Corringham Official Visit Evening
15.08.18 Mar Dyke Valley Official Visit Evening
16.08.18 Basildon Official Visit Evening
20.08.18 Burnham on Crouch & Dengie Hundred Official Visit Lunch
21.08.18 Epping Forest Official Visit Evening
22.08.18 District 1240 Service Committee/Executive Meeting Evening
23.08.18 Chelmer Bridge Official Visit Evening
29.08.18 Colchester Centurion & Colchester Trinity  Adventure Golf Tournament  Evening
02.09.18 RIBI Governing Council Meeting All Day
03.09.18 Braintree & Bocking Official Visit Evening
04.09.18 Southend on Sea Official Visit Evening
06.09.18 Ingatestone Official Visit Evening
09.09.18 Thorpe Bay Foulness Bike Ride All Day
11.09.18 Brentwood Official Visit Evening
12.09.18 Harlow Tye Satellite Club Official Visit Twilight
13.09.18 Benfleet Official Visit Evening
15.09.18 District 1240 DCM and First Conference Session Morning
17.09.18 Brentwood a Becket Official Visit Evening
18.09.18 Chelmsford Mildmay Official Visit Lunch
19.09.18 Basildon Concord Official Visit Evening
20.09.18 Billericay Mayflower Official Visit Evening
23.09.18 Combined Clubs of Colchester Colchester Pantomime Horse Race All Day
24.09.18 Billericay Official Visit Lunch
25.09.18 Witham Official Visit Lunch
27.09.18 Ongar Official Visit Evening
28.09.18 Manningtree Stour Valley Showing of 'Breathe' Manifest Theatre Evening
02.10.18 South Woodham Ferrers Official Visit Evening
District 1240 District Conference Southampton Weekend
09.10.18 Maldon Official Visit Evening
10.10.18 Kelvedon Hatch & Villages Satellite Club Official Visit Evening
11.10.18 Brentwood Breakfast Official Visit Breakfast
13.10.18 Combined Colchester Clubs Shelterbox Dinner and Dance Evening
15.10.18 District 1240 District Continuity Team Meeting Morning
15-10-18 Rochford Visit with RI Director Brad Howard Lunch
15.10.18 District 1240 ‘Engaging Young Professionals’ by Brad Howard.  Hamptons  Evening
 16.10.18 District 1120  Visit with RI Director Brad Howard    Morning/Lunch
16.10.18 Heybridge Blackwater Official Visit Evening
17.10.18 Braintree Rivers Official Visit Evening
18.10.18 Wickford Official Visit Evening
22.10.18 RIBI Public image Webinar Evening
23.10.18 Brightlingsea & District Official Visit Evening
24.10.18 District 1240 Foundation Committee Meeting Evening 
25.10.18 Chelmsford Official Visit Lunch
26.10.18 to 28.10.18 RIBI Peace Seminar in Bradford All Day
30.10.18 Colchester Forum  Junior Choir Competition  Evening 
01.11.18 Chelmsford Phoenix Official Visit Evening
02.11.18 Canvey Island Satellite Club (Canvey Coast) Official Visit Evening
05.11.18 Harlow Official Visit Lunch
05.11.18 Colchester Centurion Fireworks Colchester Park Evening
07.11.18 RIBI Executive Meeting Alcester All Day
08.11.18 Halstead Official Visit Evening
09.11.18 District 1240 Web and Social Media Workshop - Chelmsford Evening 
10.11.18 District 1240 Web and Social Medai Workshop - Colchester Morning
10.11.18 Basildon Concord Centenary End WWI Dinner Dance, Basildon  Evening
11.11.18 Combined Colchester Clubs Remembrance Day Parade Morning
12.11.18 District 1240 Christmas Concert Meeting, Chelmsford Cathedral  Morning
12.11.18 District 1240  District Membership Committee Meeting Evening
13.11.18 Colchester Official Visit Lunch
14.11.18 Clacton Jubilee Official Visit Evening
15.11.18 Colchester Forum Official Visit Lunch
16.11.18 Basildon Charter Night Evening
19.11.18 Harwich & Dovercourt Official Visit Evening
20.11.18 Mersea Island Official Visit Evening
21.11.18 Colchester Trinity Official Visit Evening
23.11.18 RI Foundation Seminar All Day
RI Be The Inspiration Institute Weekend
27.11.18 Stort Valley Official Visit Evening
28.11.18 District 1240 Service Committee/Executive Meeting Evening
29.11.18 Clacton on Sea Official Visit Lunch
29.11.18 District 1240  Pre-Presidents Elect Training Seminar, Hamptons  Evening
30.11.18 RSC Kelvedon Hatch and Villages Whose Wine is it Anyway Evening
02.12.18 RIBI Governing Council Alcester All Day
03.12.18 RIBI DG Membership Meeting Morning
05.12.18 District 1240 RYLA Meeting Afternoon
05.12.18 Billericay Mayflower Satellite Club (Billericay Town) Official Visit Evening
06.12.18 Frinton on Sea Official Visit Evening
09.12.18 RI Convention 2023 London Bid Morning 
09.12.18 Clacton on Sea Christmas Concert Afternoon
09.12.18 RI DInner with RI Co-ordinator Evening
10.12.18 District 1240 DG Continuity Team Meeting Morning
10.12.18 RI Convention 2023 London Bid Afternoon and Evening
11.12.18 RI Convention 2023 London Bid All Day
12.12.18 RI Convention 2023 London Bid All Day
13.12.18 Manningtree Stour Valley Official Visit Evening
14.12.18 Grays Thurrock Christmas Concert  Evening
17.12.18 District Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs Christmas Concert Evening
19.12.18 Thorpe Bay Christmas Breakfast Morning
21.12.18 Colchester Centurion Christmas Drinks Evening
01.01.19 RIBI London New Years Day Parade All Day
08.01.19 Brightlingsea and District Christmas Meal Evening
09.01.19 RIBI Governing Council Webinar Morning
09.01.19 District 1240 District Council Meeting - Writtle Evening
10.01.19 District 1240 District Conference 2020 Committee Meeting Evening
12.01.19 RI/RIBI Membership Seminar All Day
14.01.19 All Chelmsford Clubs Chelmsford 5 Clubs Presidents' Meeting Evening
16.01.19 Chelmsford Rivermead Official Visit Morning
17.01.19 District 1240 District Rotary Ride Meeting  
22.01.19 Canvey Island 40th Charter Night and Official Visit Evening
23.01.19 District 1240 Foundation Committee Meeting Evening
24.01.19 Ingatestone Induction of new members  Evening
26.01.19 Leigh on Sea/Hadleigh Castle "Preposterous Stories" Evening
28.01.19 District 1240 DG Continuity Meeting Morning
06.02.19 RIBI Executive Meeting All Day
07.02.19 Distirct 1240 District Membership Committee Evening
09.02.19 Dunmow 70th Charter Night Evening
10.02.19 District 1240 Past District Governor's Lunch Lunch
11.02.19 District 1240 AG's Pre-Meeting Evening
15.02.19  RIBI 5 x District DG Continuity Team Meeting Afternoon
16.02.19 RIBI 5 x District DG Continuity Team Meeting Morning
18.02.19 Rochford Founder's Night Evening
20.02.19 District 1240  District Service Committee and District Executive Committee Meeting  Evening 
21.02.19 Thorpe Bay  Showcase of Rotary Afternoon and Evening
23.02.19 District 1240  District Young Chef Final, Chelmsford     All Day
24.02.19  District 1240  Paul Harris Fellow's Lunch  Lunch 
26.02.19 Billericay Mayflower Charter Celebration Planning Evening
27.02.19  RIBI  Governing Council Webinar  Morning 
01.03.19 RI RI Convention 2023 Debrief Afternoon
03.03.19 RIBI  Governing Council Meeting  All Day 
04.03.19  Brentwood a Becket/District 1130  Talk to NHS Wanstead  Afternoon 
04.03.19  Brentwood a Becket  Charter Night  Evening 
09.03.19 District 1240 Regional Young Chef Finals, Colchester Institute   All Day
09.03.19 District 1240 District Young Musician Final - Chelmsford Cathedral Evening 
13.03.19 Bishops Stortford Satellite Official Visit Evening
15.03.19 District 1240 Mercury Theatre Press Night Evening
16.03.19 Chelmsford Phoenix Satellite Information Meeting Morning
17.03.19  Brentwood a Becket  Half Marathon  All Day 
18.03.19 District 1240 District Membership Team Meeting Evening
20.03.19  District 1240  District Council Meeting - Writtle  Evening 
21.03.19 Colchester Forum Jamie Oliver Young Carers Cookery Course Afternoon
25.03.19 District 1240 District Conference Meeting Evening
26.03.19  District 1240  Rotary Club Central Workshop - Colchester  Evening 
27.03.19 RI Courageous Leadership Webinar  Evening 
28.03.19  All Colchester Clubs  Colchester Satellite Club Planning Meeting  Evening 
29.03.19  District 1240  Visit to Thames Sailing Barge Cambria re Young Carers Sailing Weekends  Afternoon 
30.03.19  District 1240  District Officer Training Seminar  Morning 
30.03.19  Chelmsford Phoenix  President's Night  Evening 
01.04.19 District 1240 District DG Continuity Team Meeting Morning
02.04.19 Harlow Tye Partner's Evening Evening 
03.04.19  RIBI  Governing Council Webinar  Morning 
04.04.19 Chelmsford Phoenix Choir Competition Final Evening
05.04.19  District 1240  District Quiz  Evening 
06.04.19 Billericay Mayflower  Charter Night - Ivy Hill Hotel  Evening 
08.04.19  District 1240  Districtc Membership Support Team Meeting  Evening 
10.04.19 District 1240  Foundation Committee Meeting  Evening 
13.04.19 District 1240  Foundation Seminar  Morning 
13.04.19  District 1240  Rotary Peace Scholar Dinner  Evening 
14.04.19  RIBI  Get Moving to End Polio Webinar  Evening 
14.04.19 Witham  70th Charter Lunch - Rivenhall  Lunch 
16.04.19  All Colchester Clubs  Colchester Satellite Club Planning Meeting  Evening 
24.04.19 RIBI  Executive Meeting - Alcester  All Day 
25.04.19 RI  Membership Seminar  All Day 
27.04.19 District 1240  President Elect's Training Seminar  Morning 
27.04.19 to 28.04.19 RI  Assistant Coordinator Training  All Day 
29.04.19 Burnham on Crouch  President's Night Evening 
30.04.19 District 1240  Foundation Grant Management Meeting  Evening 
01.05.19 Harlow Tye and Harlow Tye Satellite  Planning Meeting  Evening 
02.05.19  District 1240   District DG Continuity Team Meeting Morning 
04.05.19 RIBI  National Young Musician Final - Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford  All Day 
05.05.19 RIBI  Annual Business Meeting  Afternoon 
06.05.19  Billericay  Soapbox Derby  All Day 
07.05.19  Stanford & Corringham and Corringham Thameside  Joint Meeting  Evening 
08.05.19 RIBI Governing Council Webinar Morning
09.05.19 RIBI RIBI Governing Council Meeting, Nottingham Afternoon and Evening
10.05.19 RIBI RIBI Governing Council Meeting, Nottingham Morning
10.05.19 to 12.05.19  RIBI  Annual Showcase Nottingham  All Day 
13.05.19  District 1240  Conference 2020 Planning Meeting  Evening 
15.05.19 District 1240  District Service Committee and District Executive Committee Meetings  Evening 
16.05.19  Manningtree Stour Valley  Charter Night  Evening 
18.05.19 District 1240 District Assembly Morning
19.05.19  Chelmsford Rivermead and Chelmsford Mildmay  Baddow Races  Morning 
19.05.19  Rotary in Essex and East London  Disability Games  Afternoon 
20.05.19 District 1240  DG Continuity Team Meeting  Morning 
21.05.19  District 1240  Buckingham Palace Garden Party  All Day 
22.05.19  RIBI Online Annual Business Meeting Evening 
23.05.19 Billericay Town New Charter Celebration Evening
24.05.19  Chelmsford  President's Night  Evening 
26.05.19 Manningtree Stour Valley Mayflower Walk All Day
30.05.19 to 08.06.19 RI International Convention - Hamburg All Day
11.06.19  All Colchester Clubs  Colchester Satellite Club Planning Meeting  Evening 
12.06.19 RIBI Executive Webinar Morning
15.06.19  Halstead  Static Bike Ride  All Day 
16.06.19 Canvey Coast Satellite Finish of Rotary Ride from John 'o Groats Morning
16.06.19 Canvey Island Raft Race Afternoon
 21.06.19 to 23.06.19 District 1260 Conference All day
26.06.19 Thorpe Bay  Handover Evening
28.06.19 Colchester Colchester Rotary Festival of Music & Dance – Dance Gala  Evening
30.06.19 District 1240 Handover Lunch