A special one-man show, by Peter Gilchrist, of the Wit, Wisdom and World of Oscar Wilde, performed as part of a fundraising evening for the Indian charity Reach The Unreached, in the Wells Little Theatre.

This special one off, event is being organised by Wells Rotary in Wells Little Theatre on Saturday, 9 June 2018.  It is intended to be a mixture of entertainment and fundraising, based around the stalwarts of food, drink and good company.

The object of the fundraising is the Indian charity, Reach The Unreached, a charity in Tamil Nadu which has worked for more than fifty years to provide for the very poorest of a poor region in India.  It provides very real, practical support for those in need of it, whether young or old, handicapped or HIV-positive or not, in forms which meet the actual, expressed needs of the recipients.  It is not about telling the local people what they ought to be wanting, but providing what they have said they need.  Sometimes this is a little money, but it is more often more practical - a new family, a school to attend, a hostel to live in, a new home for the family, a new well....  The list goes on a very long way and the villages involved are an inspiration to see and privilege to support.  The particular project being supported by this evening is a boys' hostel, to allow teenagers to attend school in their home district and avoid the substantial costs of travel and boarding fees incurred at present.

Peter Gilchrist is a professional actor with a particular love of Oscar Wilde's works, who has performed this show previously in London.  He is reprising it in the Wells Little Theatre as a 'course' within the evening's catering arrangements.  The evening will start with a buffet, catered by the Connect Centre, along the road from the theatre; move on to a presentation about Reach The Unreached; then The Divine Oscar, followed by coffee and pudding.  The Grape and the Good, of the Crown Inn in Wells, will provide the liquid refreshments for the whole event, including the conversation after the production and puddings.

There will be a raffle as well because what sort of fundraising event does not have a raffle?  The prizes are going to be marvellous.

The tickets for the evening are £25 per person, available in advance at the Crown at Wells, on the edge of the market square. 

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