Club Visioning

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Quite a lot is changing with the visioning team so even if your Club has considered or had a Visioning session in the past, there is new information here that may be of interest....

Club Visioning Review Report 2018

The Visioning team have been operating in the District for nearly five years now and whereas Visioning was originally seen largely as a way of addressing the membership problems that are so common at the moment, within the last two years it has been used increasingly by successful Clubs that wish to move their Clubs to the next level.

In addition to the standard Visioning package, we now offer:

Club talks to those clubs that want to hear more before committing

  1. Full Facilitation Service in the risky implementation phase after the main session
  2. Mini revisit workshops for clubs visioned more that two years ago to revisit direction, goals and progress
  3. Occasional EMail updates to keep people informed
  4. During 2017-2018 we intend to develop a "Community of Interest" through which clubs can share knowledge and experiences

Here are some views from presidents who have engaged with the Visioning team:

'A very sincere 'thank you' to all of you for making the trip to our Visioning session.  I've had great feedback from the members who participated.  You've started us on a very exciting journey.'


'It is my sincere belief that the planning meeting initiated in February was the kind of catalyst that this club needed' has injected some enthusiasm back into the membership of our Rotary club.'

 'The outcome has encouraged even the sceptics within the club's ranks.' 

If you would like more information then take a look at the leaflet here for a generic view of the process, here for a Flowchart or contact me to discuss your clubs needs more specifically.