A new wood of 1550 trees is planned for Essex as part of a 100 year birthday celebration of one of the world's most successful humanitarian organisations.

Billericay Mayflower Rotarians are hoping to play a leading role in the move which is being initiated by one of their members Nick Sillitoe. He is this year's district governor responsible for 57 Rotary clubs in Essex and beyond.

The new wood of 1550 trees,yet to be sited,reflects the exact numbers of Rotarians in the district and will celebrate the creation in 1917 of Rotary Foundation. It is a major arm of the main Rotary organisation which has a growing membership in almost every country in the world.

The multi-million pound enterprise has ensured a massive donation to good causes ranging from disaster relief to major humanitarian,educational and cultural exchange programmes.It was started by an American Rotarian Arch C Klumph as an endowment fund "to do good in the world".It has done more than that.

Rotarians of clubs like Mayflower have shared in providing funds to support the commitment of global good causes.However it has not been one way traffic.Large sums come back to this country where needed.Among   worthwhile projects supported by the Foundation grant in this district is highly successful Thriftwood Sixth Form College at Chelmsford serving young people with difficulties to prepare for a meaningful life after school days

Worldwide one success story of 30 yrs campaign to end the scourge of polio an extremly disabling illness is almost eliminated, only handful of cases reported in two countries this year thanks to huge immunisation programme by Rotary.

Rotary playes leading role in Shelterbox organisation which provides tents and equipment immediatly a disaster occurs anywhere in the world.

It also provides funds for major cultural and educational programmes to ensure a more fulfilling life for millions around the world

In 2017 ,Rotary Foundation has so much to  celebrate,and here in Essex a woodland walk in the centuries to come  will bear testimony to the role created just a century ago.